Clay Aiken - Sweetest Christmas Song I ever heard


When Clay Aiken sang Beautiful Star of Bethlehem at the '05 Christmas tour in Raleigh, NC, he touched the hearts of everyone hearing it.
After hearing Clay's version of BSOB, it was the sweetest song I ever heard. It quickly became a favourite in my library of Christmas songs.

Thanks to Clay's talented videographer fans, those of us unable to be at the concert in person have been enjoying this special performance.
The video used in my montage is by jojoct.

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem - Clay Aiken
montage by Ashes


Carolina Clay said...


Wow, I love the way you decorate for the holidays!Your new background, the graphics, and the montages are beautiful!

Clay Aiken's fans have a special place in their hearts for Papa and "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem."

Happy December to you!



Thanks Joan. Very beautiful your video, I do not know how you have time to do so much, so quickly. I've been days doing a montage. jeje
I love Christmas songs from Clay Aiken.
I Never listened to Christmas music. I seemed very sad and boring, but that was until I hear the Christmas album of Clay. It's so beautiful!!. I hear all the time in any season.
Hugs. Rossy

LovesClaysVoice said...

I love your video Ashes and that graphic is beautiful!

copingincalifornia said...

What gorgeous pictures!! WOW!!!

dee said...

The sweetest song is right , Ashes . What a beautiful moment . Thank you for putting it on your blog .

MAE said...

Ashes, what a beautiful Christmas blog!! All your pictures are so wonderful of gorgeous Clay, and love, love the video with Clay doing "Beautiful Star" for his Papa! Just wonderful! Thank you!!

invisibleclay said...

Beautiful, great job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog. It looks like Christmas around here.

I so agree that Clay sang "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem." And just knowing he sang it for his Papa...just made it all the more special.

Have a great December and Christmas. I know what singer I will be listening to this Christmas season.

Vickie (Walla)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ashes! Your montage and blends are beautiful! Love the Christmas background too!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!! Love this blog.It is fabulous! Thank you ! Clay sure made his gpa, smile along with the rest of Us!! His smile alone is special, but that song to gpa...So Great! What life is all about, the joy we can share:) A Clay music fan, Donna in Wi.

katy said...

Love your video and site. The performance when Clay Aiken sang Beautiful Star was amazing!!

SueReu said...

Very nice Ashes!! Your blends and background are stunning!!!

I loved Clay Aiken singing Beautiful Star of Bethlehem and love your montage!

I actually would go for Clay singing more songs like that - showcase his amazing vocal talent and a little less showcasing of the band/orchestra/background vocals. A girl can dream right?

ImGranny said...

What a WONDERFUL blog! I love watching that video of Clay singint BSOB for his Papa. I also love that this is the video that we can hear how his Papa enjoyed it so much! The pictures are gorgeous too. Great job Ashes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Such a Festive Christmas blog, you sur know how to put me in the holiday mood. I loved "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem." Very special for Clay's "PaPa." I have been playing MCWL for the past three days......

Wonderful Sunny and Warm (67 degrees) here today.

Sending Big Hugs,

Marcia said...

wonderful blog and you choose just the right person to feature. I'm following you now. I will be back
even more. Lovely work

dwsk said...

Joan, "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem" what a gorgeous video you made of Clay Aiken singing that for his Papa. I love that song so much and you made it so pretty with the fireplace.

I agree with Caro, Clay Aiken's fans will always have a special place in their hearts for Papa and this beautiful song Clay sang for him back in 2005.

Merry Christmas to you!

PaulaBear said...

I love Beautiful Star of Bethlehem. It was an incredibly touching tribute to Clay Aiken's Papa. What a special moment!

Anonymous said...

Love what you've done with the place!! All the Clay Aiken Christmas decorations are simply amazing!!

cathie said...

ashes,i love your current blog the photo graphics are beautiful (i'm hoping you will post them at the ClayNation group) and your montage is wonderful and your new wallpaper is very elegant. it's so touching how clay honored his "Papa" by singing BSOB for him. he is an adorable man. thank you for sharing here ashes! love, cathie

copingincalifornia said...

As always, you have the best graphics and prettiest blog around!

Anonymous said...

The graphics, the videos ... everything on this Clay Aiken blog is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful Clay Aiken holiday blog!!

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing Clay Aiken's glorious voice all over the radio this holiday season and I love it!

clayitagain said...

Ashes...this was a great montage...and Clay Aiken is the best....I love him singing "Star of Bethleham"...thank you!!!!


jbc4clay said...

Love your decorations and thank you for posting Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.

CCOL4HIM said...

Wow! Lovely Christmas and Clay decorations. I love your background,too! Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Ashes, I too love to hear Clay sing the sweetest song "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem". It has special meaning for him this holiday season.

Now if I could only get Clay's beautiful face on my tree ornaments!

Thanks so much for your beautiful blog. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I so can't wait to see what he brings us in 2010.
Happy Holidays to all.

chel4clay said...

Ashes, your blog is beautiful, I love how you decorated it for the Christmas season. What a hearttouching moment that was when Clay sand "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem" for his PaPa. Merry Christmas everyone.

lulu said...

Great blog and beautiful montages. The story was so touching.

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