Clay Aiken's Classic Melodies

It's no secret--I'm a fan of Clay Aiken and his voice. I'm also a fan of the 20th century classic songs. Put these two together and I'm in heaven! The smooth rhythm and charm of the "oldies" music and the well written lyrics have been sung by most every new singer that comes along. Some do a good job, some totally wreck the song, but regardless no one replaced the originals in my book. That is until Clay Aiken came into my life! When he sings the classic standards he enhances them with his fabulous voice, and makes every one uniquely his own.
While I still enjoy the original artists, Clay's versions have surpassed them in my music library.

Whether Clay sings classics or new material, he proves he was born to sing.

Enjoy these videos of 'Classic Clay'!

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Clay Aiken
JBT Vermont
video: SLC

Clay Aiken David Foster Gala 2006 Unchained Melody

Vintage Clay Aiken Montage
Thanks to Yollie950

For more musical history
Thank you Musicfan!



musicfan said...

Ashes.......you always have such interesting things on your blog. I love that the information is surrounded by beauty!!

And, thank you for the link. It is appreciated. You are always so supportive!!

Thank you for the great blog!

SueReu said...

Clay Aiken singing Unchained Melody at the David Foster Gala in 2006 is my absolute, all time favorite performance of that song - I LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for the great blog Ashes!! I especially enjoyed Yollie's vintage Clay montage - such a cutie pie that Clay was (and still is for that matter).

Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

My, you have a lot of ambition today. A person has to take time to get to those chores. I know you'd rather play on the computer. At least you got this great blog done. Thanks for all those wonderful songs. We'll never get tired of them. Lois

Carolina Clay said...


What a great set of videos for Clay Aiken fans to enjoy! Thank you for another very interesting blog.

Thank you, too, for your kind comments -- and handsome graphics -- in the Carolina journal.

Have an awesome day!


VoxLvr said...

What a beautiful blog - I LOVED the BOTW video; he looks so happy and the fans were in heaven (I know I was!) Thank you Clay Aiken, and thank you Ashes!

Anonymous said...

Want you to know those videos get me in trouble...:) I spend so much time watching....but LOVE um' ! Loved your blog, good job! Thanks! Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Wow!!! Awsome blog......I love Vintage Clay, I have not seen very much of that, great job "Yollie!"

Bridge Over Troubled Water is one of my favorits!!

All the blends, as always are AWESOME!!!

Thank You for sharing your talents.


barb 55 said...

Ashes, glad I was able to come here to comment. For some reason, the comment section wasn't showing up at Caro's blogspot.

Love the montages and of course all of the other goodies here. Clay singing BOTW sure reminded of the night I saw him in Wolftrap. It was storming that night and Clay was in the middle of the song and got caught off guard by the lightening and lost his train of thought. He couldn't remember the words, so it let the band play for a a minute, but he continued and sang the song beautifully.

The vintage montage is so neat. I've never seen the majority of those videos. Goodness! I think the guy was born singing. LOL What a voice!

Love and hugs,


T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T said...

It's always nice to be here & check out your new blog. Great! The graphics make me smile always and all the montages are wonderful. Never get tired watching Clay. That voice just keeps me going.

Thanks so much and cheers!

P.S. I deleted my previous comments because didn't proofread.

dee said...

Thanks for another beautiful blog ! I am in love with vinatge Clay . His talent as a youngster just blows me away . Amazing then and amazing now .

Let's keep him ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, I did it again. I found myself lost in the blogs of Clay. I never saw the BOTW video from the JBT 2005 until your blog. I didn't think it was possible for him to outdo the AI night, but he did it again. I am so glad you introduced me to your blog. I don't think I could watch another CSI rerun!

Jannet said...

Ashes, you are so sweet. I will continue to love and check in on your blog. I'm just taking a brief hiatus from Clayigraphy since I've had so many other random thoughts I've been itching to yak about. And the blog title just wasn't fittin' for some of them. Hugs to you! And a very lovely blog, once again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,
I love his BOTW very much. He looked so cute and confident all the time. LOL! In fact, the angle at which SLC took this video actually captured a lot of Parker in Clay. Just adorable! Thanks for another wonderful blog. Don't we just love this man :)


Eyequeue said...

Beautiful blog! I love the videos of Clay Aiken, he's such a talent. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog for our enjoyment - you are appreciated.

PaulaBear said...

Thanks so much for the vintage Clay Aiken video!! Clay singing "Truly" just melts me!!! Love his version of that song.

claysweetea said...

What a beautiful blog, great creativity. Love it.

gerra said...

I can honestly say that few artists have made me enjoy a song more than I did with the original performer. With Clay, however, almost every single time he sings a popular song I've heard before, I think, wow, that is the best version of that song I've heard. He really does make a song his own, and in most cases, improves on it.

bonniecarmen said...

Anything with Unchained Melody in it is absolutely "the best"....thanks again! luv B

PalpatatinClay said...

THANK YOU for the wonderful blog! I love the videos of Clay Aiken, he's a remarkable person as well as having that "golden larynx" hee. Always love your blog site, I never let a day go by without visiting it (even if only on my laptop during vacations!).

Thanks again!

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