Clay Aiken - Fans Share Enthusiasm

Clay Aiken and Decca Label Group David Novik, Head of A&R Aug 27-09

Tweet quote from Decca Label Group in reply to the fans positive reaction to their original Tweet of the photo above.

"Great to hear from all of you! Glad to hear that you share our enthusiasm about Clay!"

New photos of Clay Aiken call for new graphics :)

This one is Clay at the Atlanta, GA airport this week.

Now for a little bit more of Clay Aiken enthusiasm!
Still the One -NAT-Raleigh

Puzzle time for the weekend from Bsrefong.


Rebus #3

-solution at end of entry-

Clay in 2004

Ashes - from album On My Way Here
Clay Aiken - live in studio video

Rebus #3 solution

See the enthusiasm and lots of information about Decca Label Group


PaulaBear said...

We have so much to look forward to in the Clay Aiken fandom!! It's always such a pleasure to come over to this blog and see the beautiful graphics, the stunning photos and the fun games!!!
Thank You!!

claysweetea said...

What a fun blog you have. Thanks!! Such beautiful graphics and video! What a match with Decca and Clay! Cant wait!

clayam said...

I love the graphics and the videos here. Those Clay Aiken pictures are awesome, I know we are in for some fantastic times with Clay and Decca Records.

Carolina Clay said...


Awesome blog celebrating a very exciting two days in the Clay Aiken-Decca era with many more to come! Love your new graphics, as well as those from earlier times.

Sharing the enthusiasm!


bonniecarmen said...

so nice to see such good pics! The Bright Side of Life is being married 33 years to the same fella! luv B

SueReu said...

Wonderful blog Ashes!! Looking so forward to the Clay Aiken Decca years!!!!

great graphics (as always) Clay certainly still Is the One!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

musicfan said...

Great pictures and beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. It sure is an exciting time for Clay and his fans!!

sandy said...

Wow - hot looking Clay! Finally some association with Decca Records! Like we keep on
saying "The Best is Yet to Come"

Have a great weekend!



T said...

Seeing recent photos of Clay make us all excited. Great blog and it's so nice to see your beautiful graphics & montage.

You always bring a lot of goodies in your blog and thanks so much.


anaturegirl said...

Ashe, thanks for today's blog. Great graphics! I am lovin' the new photos of Clay.

VoxLvr said...

You are too much PHUN !! The claze was much simplier than I first thought, so I was all over the place [I cheat and go from Clay to the outside...heh]. LOL. Finally got it! On the puzzle, I spaced and couldn't figure out "painless operation" Aaccckkk !! I'm giving myself a C+ for effort !! LOL.

Did anyone else notice that in the video "Still the One", after the first "whispering in my ear", Clay does this really sweet thing with his fingers ?? How cool was that - I was there that night and with ALL the concerts (not that many, but ALL of them) I never notice these little nuances until a video is posted [it's the Aiken FOG]. [Watch his left hand ....LOL.]

You blog is so much FUN, as well as informative, thanks so much for the time you put into it for the Clay Aiken fans to enjoy !!


dee said...

This blog was " fun for the whole family " . My kids loved the rebus and the maze and hearing Clay sing is just part of the soundtrack of their lives .

As for me I loved it all . Another great blog . Have a good weekend .

deyabird said...

I still can't get enough of that photo. It's great to come here,one of my favorite blog sites, and see it.

Shyeyewitness said...

Beautiful Blog, as always!!! Isn't it sooo very nice to see Clay Aiken?!!!!!!

PalpatatinClay said...

Great blog! You always such interesting things on your blog, I love the videos most of all, but the games are a hoot to play too.
Thanks for a great "breakfast" this morning!

Eyequeue said...

Thank you for always having an aesthetically pleasing blog (with Clay Aiken's new picture, it's hard to fail ... lol). I wish him and his fans [of which I am one] the incredible ride upcoming in 2010. Hope he also tours besides his new CD !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great blog! It has everything about Clay; photos, videos and games.
Great things are happening in the fandom again and great things are happening for Clay.


Wallace said...

What a great blog !! So much information, I'm so glad that I clicked on your blog, I love the games and the videos. Thank you!!
I'm anticipating a great year for Clay Aiken in 2010 ~ I believe that DECCA and Clay are a perfect fit! Congratulations Clay !!

barb 55 said...

Ashes, happy Thursday! Stopping by your amazing blog to see more of your goodies. Sorry I’m late.

Thanks for sharing the montage of Clay singing STO. I remember the first time I saw it and thought what a great entertainer he is. Also enjoyed hearing the song Ashes. It’s one of my favorites from OMWH. Isn’t it neat that one of the songs he sings is your screen name?!

Sally has done another great job with her puzzles. Thanks for sharing!

Love and hugs,

claysweetea said...

Beautiful visuals! Clay is fabulous and so smart to sign with Decca. You have such a fun blog with all the games.


I don't know where to put this.... But I want to wish you the best in the Birthdays

I hope you're happy today,surrounded by all your loved ones


Pilland said...

Interesting report indeed!
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http://cavriana1.blogspot.com (Police gallery about pirates on the road)
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Best wishes from Italy!

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