Clay Aiken Pure Gold

There is a lot of enthusiasm around the world for Clay Aiken!
Recently the news of his new record label - Universal Decca, new music from Clay early in 2010, new photos, etc., have all created growing excitement.

Website polls are very active with Clay fans support.
An example is:
The Tweeterwall - Worldwide Ultimate World Idol

Clay Aiken has been with us since 2003,
and the Best is Yet to Come!!

What's so great about enthusiasm?

- enthusiasm is about others

- enthusiasm is about your subject

- enthusiasm is infectious

- enthusiasm is creative

- enthusiasm is fun

- enthusiasm inspires confidence in yourself

There are few things more enjoyable than sharing your enthusiasm about something/someone you’re passionate about, and feeling others share your enthusiasm.

Clay Aiken - JBT Stump the Band Medley Montage

Clay Aiken - Everything I Have
~ Spotlightlover~

Clay Aiken is Good News!


dee said...

He's pure gold for sure , Ashes , but don't forget the platinum and titanium !

How the guy gets through those metal detectors at the airport I'll never know ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog...love those videos but they get me in trouble...spend way too much time there....:) Thanks! for the Clay blog! Donna in Wi.

T said...

Perfect title (so true) and great blog. Your graphics are beautiful and makes me enthusiastic every time. The montages are wonderful & it's so nice watching them.

Cheers & have a nice weekend.

hosaa said...

just wanted to stop by and say hello and HAPPY day! And thanks for dropping by my blog once in a while, as random as it is!


chel4clay said...

I could sit and watch these videos for hours. I so wish he could have recorded Tears Run Dry. He sounded amazing on that song. Maybe he will one day.

tree ~ said...

Beautiful blend, Ashes! Love the videos and I agree, Clay Aiken is pure gold. At the very least his heart certainly is!

Carolina Clay said...


Wonderful blog at such an exciting time. Love all the enthusiasm for Clay Aiken, as well as your graphics and the montages you shared.

Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog.

Go ahead and extend Saturday's birthday, and have an awesome weekend!


Allegra said...

Terrific blog. You are so right. Clay is pure gold.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video of Clay Aiken.

copingincalifornia said...

I am a sucker for GOOD NEWS whenever Clay sings it. That picture you posted is stunning. I can;t wait for Christmas so I started watching clack from those shows and just soaking in Clay and his voice. thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog! Thank you. I love Clay Aiken. Can't wait for him to reappear and help us make new memories. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ashes, once again, thank you for this beautiful blog about Clay and his fans. I live alone and have received soooo much joy from hearing from you and everyone who knows how to bring these to us!! Yours are always GOLD, just like Clay!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I just went to vote, and Clay is catching up to Adam. I just know we can do it! He was so behind, I thought it was impossible. This is exciting!

Sandy said...

Great videos Ashes! Especially the one about "Stump the Band". It was enjoying watching these clips compiled into one.

Hope your birthday weekend was everything you hoped it to be!



Jannet said...

You are so sweet Ashes! And you share such wonderful things here. Love ya!

I realized last night, while standing at the busline for AI8, just how much I miss him!

katy said...

Gorgeous guy, wonderful man!! Always a fan!!

ImGranny said...

Thanks for the great blog. Clay Aiken is one of a kind and we're very lucky to have him!

PaulaBear said...

This Clay Aiken site always makes me smile!! Thank you!

Carolina Clay said...


I came back for another dose of "Clay Aiken Pure Gold." He is for sure, as is your blog!

Thank you for your kind remarks and saving retweets in the Internet blogging world!


PaulaBear said...

Enthusiastic ... describes my feelings for Clay Aiken!!

Anonymous said...

It's so good to see the enthusiasm on all the Clay mb's and to see the boards working together to vote in the world idol poll.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Vote, Vote, Vote.....I haven't been doing anything else that I should be doing, but that is okay, Clay need to be FIRST!!!!

Love your blog as always, and I love the title....Clay sure is Pure Gold!!!

The montages are wonderful...

Back to voting...lol


katy said...

Love the videos and the blog about Clay Aiken. Good job!!

Allegra said...

Wow, great job on those puzzles.

Pure gold with a heavy dash of titanium. :D


katy said...

Absolute pure gold = Clay Aiken.

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