Clay Aiken - Celebrating 1st Father's Day


Happy Father's Day to all Dads

It's Clay Aiken's first Father's Day.
This blog has a poem for him in the first graphic blend, a fun new puzzle from Bsrefong, and a lovely montage thanks to SueReu.

251 Clay's 1st Father's Day


Have a wonderful day with your family, Clay!



251 Clay's 1st Father's Day


Dadisms - new Bsrefong CluzzlePuzzle
Thank you Sally :)

Dadisms puzzle June 17

Happy Dad's Day

Clay Aiken - On The Wings of Love
beautiful montage thanks to SueReu

Happy Dad's Day

251 Clay's 1st Father's Day


My Dad passed away years ago. I always remember what a wonderful Dad and caring man he was. I often sense his presence around me, encouraging and supporting as he always did.
My Dad loved children, music and dancing. His wish was not to be mourned, but remembered with a smile--I certainly do that.

Happy Father's Day Dad.

I know he would have been a fan of Clay, and his music!

Dad's Day


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Carolina on My Mind

Truth Rules

Clay Aiken Journey

and more in the links after the end of the blogs.



musicfan said...

What a beautiful tribute to Father's and especially to Clay Aiken, who is celebrating his first Father's Day!!

I love how beautiful your site is. Your surround the news with lovely artwork and it makes your site unique.

Clay is lucky to have you as a fan!!

SueReu said...

Thank you Ashes!!!

This is just beautiful (and brought a tear to my eye). You always have the most beautiful blends.

Happy Father's Day to Clay Aiken!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

What a WONDERFUL Father's Day Blog for Clay. I am so Happy for Clay, as he celebrates his First Father's Day.........

As always, your blends are THE BEST!!!!!!

Have a great weekend.


clayitagain said...

This is a lovely site, just found it.

What a wonderful tribute to Clay for his first Father's Day...Clay and his family are truly blessed. Parker is definately a wanted child.. His Mom and Dad wanted Parker more than anything...How perfect is that...????

Thanks for the montage as well SueReu... Just lovely..


katy said...

What a wonderful blog dedicated to Clay Aiken's first father's day.

kallie said...

Gorgeous blog, again!!! How exciting for Clay Aiken having his first father's day with Parker.

kallie said...

Gorgeous blog, again!!! How exciting for Clay Aiken having his first father's day with Parker.

Truth Rules said...

That worked!

Clay's first Father's Day, how wonderful for him.

fgs said...

Love your wonderful opening blend with poem. Great tribute to Clay's first father's day. I'm sure he will have a wonderful time with Parker this weekend.

Carolina Clay said...


Wonderful Father's Day blog celebrating dads everywhere, especially Clay Aiken, who marks his first such special event.

As always, your graphics are creative and handsome. Thank you for all you do.

Have a great weekend!


clayam said...

What a beautiful Father's Day blog for this wonderful father Clay Aiken.

Anonymous said...

Loved the video and loved the blog, nice job! Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a great collection of photos, graphics, poetry, and music! Wishing Clay Aiken a wonderful Father's Day!

IamMesmerized said...

Ashes, your tribute to Clay and all Dads is wonderful.

Thank you.

Clay is lucky to have a lot of you as fans. :)

Barbara said...

Joan, what a lovely tribute to your dad and celebration of Clay's first Father's Day!

The montage and poems are just beautiful. Love your graphics, too. Thanks for sharing!

Love and hugs,


gerra said...

Thinking about Clay celebrating his first father's day brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy for him.

Sandy said...

A truly wonderful tribute to both Clay and your father! They both should be proud of the wonderful work you do and how special they are to your heart. It's always a pleasure to visit here.

This is my first Father's day without mine. We are all our father's little girls no matter how old we get! I miss him very much!

Have a wonderful week!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,
Thank you for this truly beautiful blog made with so much love and dedication. It's such a delight just to be here....If I may add, it's simply delicious...a dessert not to be missed! :)


dee said...

This is a wonderful tribute to all dads including the touching words about your own father . Not only do I love Clay's version of On The Wings of Love , I found myself a bit teary when Jerome gave him the body-crunching hug . I think that part of their relationship is very much like father and son .

Thanks for a lovely blog !

CCOL4HIM said...

Wow! Another fantastic blog! Where do you get all the ideas from? I love the pics, poems and Sue's video. I've been watching some videos of Clay's Best of the NaCT banter on Youtube. It's out of season, but Clay is so funny in them!
Take care and God bless. Have a great week. Love always, Cynthia

lulu said...

A wonderful tribute to a caring father. Clay Aiken can be an inspiration to many, and already is.

sbleu said...

Excellent blog about Clay Aiken and his son, Parker. Hoping all fathers have a happy day.

Baily said...

Ashes, such a great job. I'm so proud how you promote Clay Aiken.

Allegra said...

Thank you for the wonderful Father's Day blog. I'm sure the day will be magical for Clay with his beautiful baby boy.

Chardonnay said...

Thank you Ashes! Your site is always such a beautiful place to visit. And all the schmoopie gets me so very, well... schmoopie. Every single time.

SueReu said...

:) Hope you're having a great day Ashes!!! Clay Machine - love it!!

Happy Father's Day Clay!!!!

Rhode Island Fan said...

What a beautiful blog!!

Wishing Clay Aiken a very Happy Father's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, thanks so much for all you do as a Clay Aiken fan to support him.

Happy Father's Day to Clay and every father out there.

jbc4clay said...

Wonderful blog!

I have a Clay Machine also!

Happy Father's Day Clay!!

T said...

Beautiful Father's Day blog! This is Clay's first & happy that he is a father now. Your graphics are so special and exude beauty always. Awesome montage too.

While reading your tribute for your Dad, it touched my heart because I feel the very same way. Beautiful poem. It brought tears.

Thanks so much & cheers to you J!

Anonymous said...

Ashes, you did it again!! I'm holding back the tears! This is a beautiful honor to all Father's, especially Clay,who I love so much! Your work is a joy to behold!

kimmstarraiken said...

Hi Joan!
I finally figured out how to leave a comment here. :)
Wonderful job, as always, on your blog. A fine tribute to Clay & your father.
Montage was pretty good too. :)


Anonymous said...

That was a great montage by SueRue. The old pictures of him, the hugs, and especially those of him on stage, almost brought tears to my eyes. I miss seeing him on stage so much.

I thought I'd better get here before you change your blog again. I'm sure it won't be long.

Hugs, Lois

Shyeyewitness said...

I sooo hope, and I'm sure he did, that Clay Aiken had a wonderful Fathers Day!!

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