Clay Aiken - Who is he?

Clay Aiken - Who is he?

He's articulate, intelligent, thoughtful of others, and caring.
He's a phenomenal young man of many talents.
The list of good things he has accomplished these past few years would fill a book, and he's just getting started.

He's the subject of many a blog and headline.
Check out the great blogs listed at the bottom of this page,
for instance,
Carolina On My Mind,
Clay Aiken Kids


The following montage is a medley of Clay's songs from concerts and CDs.

Always Amazing - Clay Medley Montage


June is Bustin' Out All Over--does anyone remember this song from Carousel?
June always makes me think of this movie, that I have watched many times. The Broadway version started in 1945 and ran for 890 performances. At least I have a good excuse not to see that one--it was before my time!

Richard Rogers Carousel



June is also famous for being the month for roses--I love roses!

The rose is the June birthflower. Rose is known as the flower of passion as the ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite the goddess of love gave a rose to Eros the god of love. Roses have many flower meanings according to their color and number of roses in a bouquet. All roses symbolize love and appreciation.

Color Meanings:

Red: love
Pink: grace, lesser feelings of love
Dark Pink: gratitude
Light Pink: admiration, sympathy
White: innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, reverence and humility.
Yellow: Yellow roses generally mean dying love or platonic love.
Yellow with red tips: Friendship, falling in love
Orange: passion
Burgundy: beauty
Blue: mystery
Green: calm
Purple: protection (paternal/maternal love)

Fun and interesting fact: The rose is the national flower of both England and the United States, and the state flower of several U.S. states including Iowa, North Dakota, Georgia, New York and Texas. Portland, Oregon holds an annual rose festival to celebrate the rose, and in Southern California there is an annual Rose Parade consisting of floats designed with hundreds of thousands of roses for decorations.


Here's the answer's to Sally's Clay Aiken "Laughter" puzzle in the previous blog.


P27 Laughter ANS May 24


So, who is Clay Aiken? He is a wonderful young man, and I adore him!



musicfan said...

Thank you for all the June News......I love that you have so much information......Clay Aiken is the center, but it is all fun!!

Love it!!

SueReu said...

and Portland just finished the Rose Festival (parade and all) with NO RAIN AT ALL!!! I think it's some kind of miracle!!!

Great blog Ashes, love the montage - that Clay Aiken guy sings purty and is oh so easy on the eyes.

Have a wonderful week!

maddie99 said...

Really loving all of the Clay blogs. You bloggers know all and tell all....so much fun.

deyabird said...

Beautiful page, as always. Love the montage.

Carolina Clay said...


A great Clay Aiken blog for the beginning of June! I love your new montage and appreciate learning the color meanings.

Thnx for the Carolina link, as well as your kind comment. Have an awesome June!


Truth Rules said...

Ashes, I love your blogs.

Clay Aiken is not a carbon copy of anyone else. He is unique.

katy said...

The fans know who Clay Aiken is, but unfortunately over the past 6 years that is not what RCA/19/AI have tried to project a different Clay. Still, Clay remains true to himself and his values.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

WooHoo! I was able to get in this time....Yeah!!!!

I just always love your blogs, the always put a BIG smile on my face....and the Montage if awesome!

Clay is THE BEST!!!!

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I love listening to Clay. Great blog.


clayam said...

Thanks Ashes, always a great blog, have said lately that I love Clay Aiken?

Anonymous said...

I think that June would be a good month for Clay news to be bustin' out all over .

Anther good blog , Ashes .

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Clay too! And your blog ! Great job!!, nice video and all! :) Donna in Wi.

CCOL4HIM said...

Great blog! Will have to check the video later-Youtube is going into maintainence tonight. Beautiful images. Can you please check out my blog-Ccol4him's Claymania? I recently changed the layout and a few other things a bit and have a poll for the new layout. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! I enjoyed it!
So great to see photos and videos of Clay.

Roses are beautiful. But I thought the Texas State Flower was the bluebonnet. Oh well, I love both of them.
Hugs, Madaelynn

dee said...

I think June would be a good month for Clay news to be bustin' out all over , don't you ?

Lovely blog as always , Ashes

Anonymous said...

What a pretty blog, Ashes :) There's so much to read, see and listen to. Thanks a lot for the lovely montage Always Amazing. Yes I totally agree...Clay is always amazing beyond words....simply undescribable. Great job my Dear and oh yes! I love June.


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone likes your picture of Clay. I love the subtle colors in it. Very pretty. Don't know where you get your ideas from. I still have to listen to the montage, but I know I'll love it. Lois

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Had to stop back to watch and listen to your awesome montage again....I love it!!

No problem getting in "Clay The Man" this time....Yeah!!!!!


bonniecarmen said...

June is busting out all over! Great historical look at roses. Again, makes us smile when we hear Clay. Better to drop roses at his feet/concerts than bras! Again, beautiful blog. luv B

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