Clay Aiken: You Ought to Be in Pictures


May your troubles be less,
your blessings be more
and nothing but happiness
come through your door!


Something I noticed on my first few sightings of Clay Aiken, other than THAT VOICE, was his photogenic features. No matter what direction he was turned, the camera showed a real cute guy. First I was quite taken with his nose, then it wasn’t long before those green eyes and THAT LOOK! After 6 plus years of seeing hundreds, make that thousands of photographs and videos, I’ve watched the cute guy morph into a totally handsome man.

So, yes, Clay fits the saying of “you ought to be in pictures” perfectly. I am happy he is in a lot of pictures and so is my computer dealer--I've upgraded three times since 2003!

camera perfect

Video time - a new one of Clay’s When You Say You Love Me and the beautiful Right Here Waiting.


When You Say You Love Me
by Ashes


Right Here Waiting-Clay Aiken




Just because story :)

This story is said to be true, it’s sweet whether it is or not.

Golden Years Love

Bernice and Rich of California are 95 and were recently married. They exchanged wedding vows in the same church where they met.

Both were widowed but had enjoyed long marriages. Each had been married over 60 years and raised five children.

When they met, Rich was immediately smitten, but it took Bernice a few months to realize she’d fallen in love again.

Before agreeing to marry Rich, she asked her kids for advice, telling them she had already “had it all and why should she do it again?”

Her son replied, “Well, what’s wrong with having more?”





SueReu said...

Oh my he's GORGEOUS!!! Clay Aiken has so many looks, one just as gorgeous as the next. While his look may change, his talent and humanitarian work stay constant.

Thanks Ashes & have a wonderful weekend!

musicfan said...

Yep.......no doubt.......Clay is gorgeous.

Thanks for the videos and pictures. Yes, Clay's look has changed, but to me he is more handsome now!!
Thanks for the blog. I always enjoy what you have here.

Anonymous said...

He's BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for this!! It is wonderful!! Made my day!

Carolina Clay said...


Beautiful blog about Clay Aiken, a handsome man with an incredible voice, heart, intellect, and personality!

Thnx for sharing your talent with us. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

I agree with "SueReu," he is GORGEOUS!!! Can't keep my eyes off of him.

I loved watching the YouTubes....AWESOME!!! I just may have to go back and watch them again.

Have a great weekend.


PS: I'm sending you some of our rain, hope you get it...we have had enough.

CLM said...

Love love love the pics of CLay Aiken. You are absolutely right about him being photogenic. He really is!!

Love your blog. Thanks for the hard work to prepare it for us.

Anonymous said...

He is just beautiful. Thanks for the reminder!

jbc4clay said...

I love all of Clay's different looks.
My computer is full of videos of him and sooooo many pictures.

dee said...

Initially I was so stunned by the voice , it took me a little while to see the beauty . Isn't it nice to have it all in one package ? Thanks for the reminders of both .

copingincalifornia said...

Love Clay Aiken's face and eyes and eyelashes and nose and...well you get the picture. Here's a montage I did just of his profile....



fgs said...

I loved the montages! When You Say You Loved Me was one of my favorites off MOAM and I haven't heard it for a long time. Plus, he does look gorgeous in the pictures. Thanks for the beautiful blog.

always and forever said...

He is one absolutely stunning man - in looks, in personality, as well as in that beautiful voice.

I am SO GLAD to be a Clay Aiken fan!!

A day without Clay is like a day without sunshine.

Thanks for all the beautiful sun-shine pictures of this wonderful guy! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed those videos allot! Sure can see the love he holds in his heart for Jaymes! Hope he comes around singing soon! Your blog was awesome, just awesome! Thanks! , A Clay music fan, Donna in Wi.

CCOL4HIM said...

Wow I love the extra videos that weren't on your OFC blog. Take care & God bless.
Love always, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Great blog Ashes. I love that vid of RHW. I think that was very emotional for Clay. His voice is mesmerizing.


clayam said...

Clay Aiken is one of the most photogenic people I have seen. He is just gorgeous.

I loved this site and the videos are awesome too.

IamMesmerized said...

Ashes, what a great blog!

Clay and Parrots? Two of my favourite things.

Thanks so much and a great weekend to all.

T said...

Love your opening quote and the graphic. Another beautiful blog and the montages are awesome. Miss Clay! Hopefully we hear from him soon.

Enjoyed reading the story too! Thanks so much.

Cheers Ashes!

Anonymous said...

I agree 101%. Clay is definitely very suitable for the big screen. He's got it all...looks, talent, wit and charm. There's absolutely no competition. Oh he's got more...a beautiful voice and a heart of gold. WoW! Thanks for this very beautiful blog. LOL! Already looking forward to the next one...


Anonymous said...

What a photogenic man Clay Aiken is! Sigh.

PaulaBear said...

Clay Aiken is undoubtedly a beautiful man, inside and out. Thanks for always capturing the man so well!!

Anonymous said...

You ought to be in movie pictures, Clay Aiken, and hopefully you will be some time soon!

LovesClaysVoice said...

I loved your blog Ashes! Great montage and the RHW video makes me cry every time! And yes...he's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. After all this time, I'm still smitten with Clay. Sometimes I think the feelings are waning a bit, when I don't see anything new on him for a long while, but all I have to do is watch any of my old videos of him, and I'm in love all over again.

How on earth did you do that all brown picture? Lois

chel4clay said...

Clay Aiken is absolutely beautiful and the most photogenic person I know. I've always loved his profile shots and my favorite is when he scrunches his nose when he sings. The man is seexxxxxy.

Barbara said...

Joan, I love your blog! It's soooo PRETTY! The videos are great and your lead graphic and animated graphic are awesome! Thanks for sharing the wonderful videos, too!

You're right! Clay is photogenic, and the camera loves him.

Love and hugs,



Hello Joane. Thank you for your blog, it is beautiful.

I love Clay since 2003 and I have found beautiful since the first moment

I believe that he has a wonderful voice and he is an unique human being



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