Clay Aiken - Spreading Blessings

A Happy Thanksgiving from Canada
to My U.S. friends!
Wishing all my friends a wonderful day, no matter where you are! We already celebrated Thanksgiving here last month. I have friends who live in Arizona for the winter, and they celebrate again with their friends there.
Every day is a day for giving thanks.

Sad personal events have reminded me of so much I have to be thankful for every day.
Something that keeps me from dwelling on sad things is my computer. How?
Easy answer, my friends and Clay Aiken!

A new Rebus puzzle thanks to Bsrefong (Sally).
Answers below.

Before getting 100% into Christmas entries, I found a montage that I forgot to post earlier.

Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me
audio track from Clay Aiken's Look What Love Has Done
video from the JBT Stump the Band.

This is a wonderful picture and caption, from CNN

Rebus answer


dee said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving greetings and the gorgeous Clay content in your blog . You always cheer me up .

I'm sorry that sad things have happened to you , Ashes .
{{{{ Hugs ! }}}} I hope things are better soon .

MAE said...

Ashes, your blog is one of the joys in my life that I look forward to. I come to see what you share and I'm never disappointed! I love this one with the video and the beautiful pictures of Clay. Thank you for the Thanksgiving blessing! I pray that you will be overwhelmed with joy and love to replace all sadness! God bless you always!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Thank You for the Thanksgiving Wishes, and the wonderful graphics, video and puzzle. Your blogs always cheer me up.

Clay Aiken has a way of wiping the sadness away, doesn't he? What would we do without him? I don't ever want to know.

Big Hugs,

CCOL4HIM said...

What a beautiful Thanksgiving blog! What would we do without Clay to chase the blues away? Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia


My dear Joan. Beautiful Blog, as always.
Clay has been a balm to my wounds and probably for many other fans.
He makes me smile when everything seems very difficult.
I hope you feel good.
With love Rossy

Anonymous said...

Ashes, you are so right! We really have to count our blessings each day...and knowing Clay and you are two of them :D

Thank you for the beautiful blog.


Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for a very special Thanksgiving blog! Your greetings, montage, and graphics are beautifully coordinated.

Have a wonderful weekend in Canada!


clayam said...

another wonderful blog.
Have I said lately how much I admire and love Clay Aiken...what a class act.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone specially to Clay and his family.

ImGranny said...

Another great blog! I always look forward to your blogs, and Clay Aiken always brings a smile to my face.

Beanblossom said...

Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. I'll be spending it with family - lots of food and laughter. I'll also be putting on Clay's Christmas albums. Tis the season.

Anonymous said...

I always find joy and comfort visiting your blog.Love that blend and your new montage. Wish I could catch that bubbles from my computer ;)
Sorry to hear that sad things have happened to you.Hope things will turn out well for you. God bless you!


katy said...

Ashes, your blog is so uplifting to me. Your graphics and videos are very special and I love seeing Clay Aiken's pictures on here. Hugs to you.

SueReu said...

As always, wonderful blog Ashes. So easy on the eye (if you know what I mean, and I think you do)

Happy late Thanksgiving to you and Happy Thanksgiving to all who read here.

May your day be blessed.

Carolina Clay said...


Dropping by to give thanks for your wonderful blog. Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this blog and Happy Thanksgiving to u . I hope u r aok, and ever need a friend ever just yell.......otherwise, i want u to know i look forward to your blogs! Donna in Wi.

CCOL4HIM said...

Hi again! So far, you are the only one who has posted on my Claymania comments contest. Thanks.Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

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