Clay Aiken - Veterans Day - Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in Canada is November 11.

Veterans' Week-November 5 to 11: How Will You Remember?

This Veterans' Week, November 5 to 11, Canadians across the country will join together to show how they remember and honour our Veterans. As this important week starts Thursday, the Honourable Greg Thompson, Minister of Veterans Affairs, is encouraging all Canadians to think about how they will remember this Veterans' Week.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, Canadians are asked to pause and remember the thousands of men and women who sacrificed their lives fighting for freedom and democracy during the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Afghanistan conflict and during peacekeeping missions.

Armistice Day is the anniversary of the symbolic end of World War I on 11 November 1918.
a.k.a Remembrance Day,and Veterans Day.

Armistice Day

The date was declared a national holiday in many allied nations, to commemorate members of the armed forces.

The United States and United Kingdom : Veterans Day

Remembrance Day is observed in Canada.

Remembrance Day

Why the Poppy

The association between the poppy and war dates back to the Napoleonic wars when a writer saw a field of poppies growing over the graves of fallen soldiers.
During the Battle of Ypres in 1915, Canadian Lt.-Col. John McCrae was inspired to write the poem In Flanders Fields on sighting the poppies growing beside a grave of a close friend who had died in battle.

The poem was a great inspiration in adopting the poppy as the Flower of Remembrance in Canada, France, the U.S, Britain and Commonwealth countries.

The first poppies were distributed in Canada in 1921. Today the volunteer donations from the distribution of millions of poppies is an important source of revenue for the Royal Canadian Legion that goes toward helping ex-servicemen and women buy food, and obtain shelter and medical attention.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

- John McCrae, 1915

Thank a Soldier

In July, Peter Holley was asked to sing the Canadian National Anthem at an event in Niagara Falls honouring the Canadian Forces. At the time, he wished he had a song of tribute to offer. He didn't. So he wrote one.

The song is called Thank A Soldier and is his way of expressing his gratitude to those who serve.

Thank a Soldier

Unchained Melody
by Clay Aiken from LWLHD demo

A favourite song of my uncles, all veterans, was Unchained Melody.
They would have loved this version of it.

Well done! The America Giving Challenge is over. The National Inclusion Project received donations of more than $26,000!
Many thanks to the contributors and cheerleaders on all the Clay boards!

Update: This incredible performance of Unchained Melody from his suprise visit to David Foster & Friends concert tour is a real treat :)

Video courtesy of rob91902
And audio courtesy of kjmmom.
for this!

Download the audio mp3 file here Unchained Melody - from video by moonriver


bonniecarmen said...

awesome blog...and so true - we need never forget the sacrifice of those who have gone before us so that we can live in freedom. Not only in Canada but the USA and around the world. Interesting how Clay brings out the best of us...thanks for the reminder! luv B

Carolina Clay said...


Wonderful blog about Veterans Week/Remembrance Day with lots of great information, beautiful visuals, and outstanding montages.

Thank you for a very special reminder to remember!


PaulaBear said...

Thanks for the beautiful reminder of the sacrifices our servicemen and women have made throughout the years. Thank you too for including Clay Aiken's version of Unchained Melody in your blog. He sings with so much feeling....it's stunningly beautiful to hear.

Anonymous said...

Very good info and yes, we need to realize all our Vets gave up for all of Us.One way or another.I enjoyed your blog and the videos are fun to see.Thanks, A Clay music fan,Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog in rememberance of Veterans. It is so important for all to remember. Clay's performance of UM is unbelievably beautiful.


Thanks for your Blog. I loved the montages.


IamMesmerized said...

Wonderful blog, Ashes. It is so nice to honour our servicemen, as well as those from other countries, who served so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.

dee said...

Here's to all our service men and women who put it all on the line on our behalf . And to their families who have their own special sacrifices .

Lovely blog , Ashes .

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,
Tears welled up when I saw your Soldier montage. I always felt so proud and at the same time, sorry for these soldiers and their families. Awww..when I listened to UM, I missed Clay more...like LOTS! Please release a new album and tour soon.

Hugs to you, Ashes =)

Carolina Clay said...


Just have to add another comment since you included Clay Aiken's surprise performance of UM at Friday's David Foster & Friends Concert. Awesome!

Thnx for all your support of the Carolina blog. Have a super week!


Sandy said...

What a great tribute you have done to honour our past and present members of the Armed Forces. They paid a terrible price for our freedom and people need to realize that freedom is not free and the need to continue our support for our Armed Forces is greater than ever.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Just had to stop back and check out the new Youtube of Clay's surprise visit to David Foster and Friends Concert......EEEEEEEE, it is Awesome!!

Thank You for adding it....


ImGranny said...

What a great blog Ashes! Thank You! Also, many thanks for including Clay Aiken's surprise performance of Unchained Melody at the David Foster and Friends concert. It was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a little on the naggy side, but I do need those reminders to get me here.

Your blogspot is completely different. Did they change it?

You did a great job as usual. Thanks for the new video of Clay.


Anonymous said...

Oh heck! I had to come back and rave about the new video. He still gives me chills. It was a great video of that evening. I want more!


barb 55 said...

Ashes, I absolutely loved the video of Clay singing UM; He sings with such soul and compassion. Amazing performance! Thanks for sharing!

Love and hugs,

gerra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gerra said...

What a beautiful and respectful blog to the servicemen and women of Canada. God Bless them all.

I am still stuck on the video of Clay Aiken's surprise performance at the David Foster and Friends concert. That voice get me every time.

katy said...

Thanks for the reminder on the day of the Fort Hood Memorial for the fallen service people. Very moving.

Beanblossom said...

As the daughter of a military man and the wife of a military man, Veteran's Day is a pretty big "holiday" in our house. Neither my dad or husband sacrificed their lives - but many of my friends lost loved ones.

We need to never forget.

PaulaBear said...

I hope everyone will pause for just a moment tomorrow to remember our veterans. This is a beautiful tribute to them with Clay Aiken's memorable version of Unchained Melody.

Rhode Island Fan said...

A wonderful blog!
I am wondering about that first Unchained Melody sung by Clay Aiken. I don't recognize that version--is it from his early demo?
It is lovely! And, of course the recent one from DF and Friends is just amazing.

musicfan said...

This is another wonderful blog. You always have so much information for us.

UM is a powerful song when sung by Clay Aiken. I can listen to it over and over!!

Beautiful reminders of the sacrifices given for all of us. Remembering Veterans Day is important.

Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful remembrance of our veterans and the beautiful video of Clay Aiken singing!!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh Ashes. Love Love Love your blog. I love the videos, photos are to die for, long. short, medium hair, love them all. I especially appreciate you sharing "How to be Happy" I will use this at work. The puzzles, the informational tidbits everything is great. Thanks for the wonderful blog. God Bless the USA.

ImGranny said...

I just had to come back and listed to Clay Aiken's Unchained Melody again! I LOVE listening to him sing that song!

Peter Holley said...

I am the author and performer of "Thank A Soldier" and I wanted to thank you for posting the video of my song on your blog. It is an honour to know that others may be touched and pause to consider the great sacrifices our troops make on our behalf. Peter Holley

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