Clay Aiken Concert Tour Magic!

Clay Aiken tour treasures--WOW!

UPDATE:to add another treasure..new CD!

The Very Best of Clay Aiken


Track Listings

1. Ashes
2. A Thousand Days
3. The Way
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water
5. On My Way Here
6. This Is The Night
7. Solitaire
8. Here You Come Again
9. Measure Of A Man
10. The Real Me
11. Something About Us
12. Invisible
13. On The Wings of Love
14. Mary, Did You Know

"Best of" albums were something I looked forward to in days gone by.
This was how I could afford best songs by favourite singers heard on the radio. To me it's an excellent way of introducing great music to new listeners today.

In this case that would be for Clay Aiken, there are so many people that have no idea what Clay has accomplished since the American Idol 2 days. The chances of hearing him on the radio have been pretty slim!

Now is a great opportunity to introduce Clay's fantastic voice all over again!


The Very Best of Clay Aiken at Amazon.com
pre-order here--for release March 31/09.

Amazon Canada

The Very Best of Clay Aiken at Amazon.ca
pre-order here--for release March 31/09.


Somehow I ended up at YouTube last night and found these super videos from 2004 NAT.
This tour received NAT (for Not a Tour) for a title because there wasn't any official name for it! Always resourceful Clay fans called it that, and it stuck. Later it was also known as the Solo tour.

Enjoy these, I sure did !!!


We'll start with Fields of Gold--a short audio clip..love this one! The video follows.





Clay Aiken w/ Angela Fisher - I Knew You Were Waiting
2004 montage by tsunamimommy

Clay Aiken I Knew You Were Waiting 2004 montage by tsunamimommy



Portland 2004 MOAM NAT

Portland 2004 MOAM NAT

Fields of Gold 2004

Fields of Gold 2004

Sweet Baby James NAT 2004

Sweet Baby James NAT 2004



Chain of Fools NAT 2004

Chain of Fools NAT 2004


"worrying is like praying for something you don't want"



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching the old videos. What wonderful memories. Thanks for bringing them back to us in this blog. That last picture of Clay morphing from younger to older is wonderful!

dee said...

Ah yes ! NAT 2004 I had the time of my life . Thanx for the memories .

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any of those songs. I really like Sweet Baby James. I was always hoping he would do a whole album of Gospel songs. Elvis did it, and I think Clay could make them sound just as wonderful. Lois

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

I'm here with my coffee.....Thank You for the Trip Down Memory Lane. Oh how I want one of those Tours again, SOON!!!!! Clay is quite an entertainer. I love "Fields of Gold."

You gave us ANOTHER Awesome Blog....Thank You.

Hugs, Marlyne

SueReu said...

Ashes - HOW FUN!!!! I LOVE IT!! I was not one of the lucky ones to see this tour, but absolutely love watching it and living it NOW!!!

THANK YOU!! and that "blend"(?) of Clay then and Clay now is AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

That's one of my favorite concerts to watch old videos of. Just like all of his concerts, no two are the same! Thank you for the memories!

bonniecarmen said...

another amazing trip in the history of OMC. As one of your bloggers said, how awesome it would be for Clay to record Gospel music. I think he has the soul for that. And I am here in BC, not Australia! luv B

Carolina Clay said...


Love the look back to the early tours, as well as the updated playlist for "The Very Best of Clay Aiken."

The latter played around with the Carolina poll; however, fans are still voting their favorites.
Thank you for your kind remarks in the entries at Blogspot and the OFC.

Have an awesome week!


Anonymous said...


Your blog is awesome!!!! Graphics, vids, & TRACK LIST!!!! I so wanted "Solitaire" & Here You Come Again to be included.


Barbara said...

What great videos to bring back some wonderful memories from the 2004 Tour. Thanks a bunch for posting them! I wish I could have gone to that concert.

I love hearing Clay sing "Fields of Gold." It's beautiful!

Thanks for putting a smile on my face and for taking us for a walk down memory lane.

Love and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,
Thank you for the tracklist. I love all the songs there but will be a lot happier if they include Sacrificial Love and Oh Holy Night. LOL! Of course, they can't please everyone. Lovely blog as usual and thanks for the memories of NAT04. :) You're the BEST!

Sally (bsrefong)

katy said...

I love those videos and the memories!! How sweet!!

tay71md said...


I pre-ordered my cd already and love the playlist!

Great videos...another wonderful blog :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,
Thanks for bringing me here. I enjoy the pictures and everything you put out here. Excellent job!


Allegra said...

It's such fun revisiting older videos. Thanks for posting some gems.

Can't wait for the new Clay Aiken CD even if it is songs I already have. I hope that they are really remastered so they sound a big different. Regardless, the CD is worth just for the cover art. *g*


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