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Clay sings On The Wings of Love


Exciting news this week! Clay is coming to heat up our TVs.
Yeah!! Clay and Tyra together again!
This time for America's Next Top Model.
The news has lit up the news reports.


Clay's MySpace update

Yes it's true, Clay Aiken will be appearing in the upcoming season of "America's Next Top Model." He will participate in an acting challenge with the ladies and serve as a guest judge on the panel. The April 8 episode featuring Clay will air on the CW as part of the series' 12th cycle that kicks off Feb. 25. Check your local listings and make sure to tune in!

(that's me running to find a channel for the show!)


Spreading the news--nothing new about that! Jungle drums, smoke signals, Pony Express, etc., then the telephone, and recently the internet. There has always been a need to communicate.
Photobucket Photobucket

A friend and I were having a chuckle over a TV ad where kids are using a "land phone" rather than the cell phone. Somehow that led into our reminiscing of the days of the telephone party line. That could spread news nearly as fast as the internet!

The rural community where I grew up had twelve families "on the line". Anyone could listen in on other calls, or in the words of the day.."rubber necking". These days we call it "lurking".

News spread like wildfire..important things, trivial chats, and of course gossip. Unless you were privy to the original news, the odds were high that the facts would change by the next time you heard it--such as 'Sam's dog Clem died' became 'Sam died'. Sam was thrilled to have all the unexpected visitors--bringing loads of food for him and his wife!

The party line was an instant conference call, there were times everyone would join in. For instance it was the way to call in an emergency. A 'long ring' was a signal there was trouble..a fire, accident etc. Instantly everyone ran to their phones, then out the door to the neighbour in need. Within minutes, day or night, help was on it's way.

And trying to get on the line so you could call MaryJane on another exchange with a "did you hear???" That was like trying to vote for Clay Aiken on AI2!

Telephone History


The following contains photographs from various places we've seen Clay.
Sweet Roses
photo by BFS


It's More Fun Dancing
GFI photo by Katy4Clay.


My Funny Valentine
photo by Katy4Clay


Photobucket Good Vibrations


Today's internet does have many advantages, I'm sure you agree.
Thanks to the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club, I met one of my dearest friends right here at home.
We never would have met without the Clay connection.

The following poem is a tweaked poem
originally found on the net from "anonymous"

Met some friends six years ago
It really was a treat.
I check Clay Aiken pages everyday
The messages are so neat.

We read about a lot of stuff
Swoon and laugh a lot
My on-line friends are the greatest
The best friends that I've got.

We keep in touch with each other
Almost every day.
Visiting blogs for Clay
Brings happiness my way.

One day we will meet
What a joy that will be
To finally see my on-line friends
At a Clay Concert Tour for you and me.




A Perfectly Perfect Love-There's Just Something About Us
by SueReu

A Perfectly Perfect Love-There's Just Something About Us by SueReu


Bresfong's new yummy Recipes for Valentines!

Fun quiz

What Punctuation Mark Are You

It always amazes me how these quizzes read me so well! This one says I'm a comma. What about you?


Scroll down to my lists of Blog and Message Board links.
Clay's My Space page is there--easy streaming for On My Way Here, Ashes, etc. He sounds soooo good!




Carolina Clay said...


Love your blog! The party line telephone stories are very entertaining and will ring true with many who lived through similar times.

Thnx for your kinds words in the Carolina blog. As always, a visit here is a treat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

I think I'm going to stay here all evening.....I LOVE THE MUSIC!!!! I copied the puzzle, can't wait till Tyra, and OH THOSE BLENDS, they get me every time! LOL

Off to check out your links....


Anonymous said...

*waves to ashes - it's me, sue!*

I cannot WAIT for ANTM!! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

and I love the blends *sigh* he's just too gorgeous for words.

Thank you for using my montage! SAU is the most romantic song EVER EVER EVER!!!

Can you tell it's FRIDAY??!!?? Have a wonderful weekend :D

hosaa said...

Hi Ashes,

Well YOUR blog is certainly dressed for a special occasion! Happy Valentine's Day! One of my first Clay montages was set to "My Funny Valentine" - I may have to dust that one off sometime.

Thanks for stopping by!! (I remember party lines too. People could get very nasty if you interrupted their gossip to, you know, call the fire department...)


artz11 said...

Hi,I had fun in here and just in case your interested....I'm a ?. Always have been, always will be. I think I'll go on over to Clay's my space and play a few tunes.

Chardonnay said...

Haha! Your blog is just so cool! And it will probably take me the rest of the weekend to get through it! Hugs to you and thanks for all the great "stuff!"

katy said...

Wings of Love! Still a favorite and he sings it!! You have a very cool site and have put so much work into it.

Allegra said...

Now I'm really in the mood for Valentine's Day *g*

Love your blog esp your choice of graphic and song. "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" is my favorite pre-AI song from Clay.

Thanks for putting time into this wonderful blog.


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