Clay Aiken Idol Found - Bridge Over Troubled Water

May 20, 2003--the finale of American Idol 2, with Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard. This will always be the best episode ever for me. When Clay sang "This is The Night" it was woo-hoo's and applause in my home.
THEN he sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and stole my heart forever. I came back to earth to find my face drenched in tears for the beauty of the sound I had heard, then joined in with the TV applause and EEEEEEEE's!

I discovered Clay's amazing voice at the start of the AI 2 season and grew more intrigued every week, I didn't know what was happening to me-- this young singer was having a magical hold on me. Later, when I discovered message boards, I learned I wasn't the only one to fall under Clay's spell, and I found the way to describe it..with a "thud"!

Here it is six years later, and I'm more a Clay Aiken fan and admirer than ever.


Remember these precious moments?

Idol Found - Bridge Over Troubled Water

The following videos of wonderful memories include the judges comments.

Clay Aiken - American Idol Season 2, Top 2
- Bridge Over Troubled Water


Clay Aiken AI2 Bridge Over Troubled Water



Idol Forever - This is the Night 2003


Clay Aiken - American Idol Season 2, Top 2 - This is the Night

Clay Aiken AI2 This is The Night


American Idol Season 2 Finale - Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now


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Clay Aiken--Today, more irresistible than ever!





Many thanks to Cotton,and Scrpkym for the wonderful new pictures and video of Clay Aiken at his latest appearances this month.
SiouxRoux, it was a delight to discover the fresh videos on YT from American Idol 2, HUGS to you!


Congratulations to Kris Allen, the 2009 American Idol and Adam Lambert,runner-up.

Thank you for visiting and celebrating this sixth anniversary with me. I hope you enjoyed your stay!



katy said...

Love your blog and the site. What great performances by Clay Aiken!!

SueReu said...

hey Ashes!!! Your blends are GORGEOUS!!

Clay Aiken is amazing - he was wonderful on American Idol and has just gotten better!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, love it!

Anonymous said...

Ashes, incredible job as always. Your two blends are scrumptious! Thanks so much for all you do. claniac24

Carolina Clay said...


What a wonderful reminder of this six-year anniversary of Clay Aiken's AI2 finale performance! Thank you for the handsome blends, as well as the videos.

Have a great week!


anaturegirl said...

Loved reliving AI2 Finale. It was a time of innocence and a platform for true amatures to get a chance to get a break into the entertainment business. Clay Aiken and Ruben showed what integrity and good singing is all about.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this blog, you did a awesome job!!! Thanks !!!! Donna in Wi.

Sandy said...

Always such a pleasure to stop by your wonderful blogs. There are treats galore and this being the sixth anniversary of that special night, the treats are extra special.

What a glorious night that was and watching these video's once again reaffirm the saying us fans have said all along - IDOL FOUND - GAME OVER!

Thudalicous pictures for sure...he is getting more handsome with every year that passes!

Thanks Joan for the time and effort you put into this!



musicfan said...

Your blog is just a reminder that Clay and Ruben were the best.......no final will ever be as good!!!

Thank you for this wonderful site.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe it has been 6 years. Wow. And Clay Aiken is still standing. He will continue to have a long and varied career, and more importantly, the children of the world will surely know his name when all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

Loved reliving season 2. That voice just keeps getting better. Love your site. Thanks, outback

fgs said...

I enjoy watching BOTW and the Clay/Ruben song. No season can top season 2 although they try every year. They keep adding lots of guest stars, but the number of viewers is still lower than season 2.

jbc4clay said...

Great blog. Love going back to the best season ever.

Beanblossom said...

What a delightful site you've put together to honor Clay Aiken. He really is someone special.

Anonymous said...

Bridge over Troubled Water by Clay Aiken was an outstanding American Idol performance.

gerra said...

Great memories. Thanks for this blog. I love Clay Aiken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,

Phew, this is the first I could get in "Clay The Man," something about Internet explorer???

I just love the celebration or 6 years with this WONDERFUL voice. Thanks for the memories....I just LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!


Barbara said...

Yay! I finally got in. I couldn't get my comment to post, because IE was having some problems.

Amazing blog, Joan! Thanks for sharing the videos of Clay singing BOTW and TITN, as well as the one of him and Ruben. What a wonderful walk down memory lane! That was a fun and exciting year. I remember I couldn't wait for Tuesday to roll around each week, so I could hear Clay sing.

Love and Hugs,


hosaa said...

Hi Ashes! thnx for your comment on my blog this morning (May 22nd). Your trip down memory lane is just what I needed.

Clay was right - that's what AI was all about then. So much hoo-ha now, huh.


bonniecarmen said...

you have said it all. What an incredible journey Clay has taken us all on. Unchained Melody and Bridge over Troubled Waters did it for me. Mush, pure and simple mush. Thanks for the great memories. luv B

T said...

I've started watching AI8 again from the auditions until the finale but for me, AI Season 2 with Clay & Ruben remains the best AI season of all. I've never felt the chill when Clay performed "This is the Night" & "BOTW". I felt so much excitement when watching the AI2 finale.

There is so much beauty in all the blends and it's awesome! Loved them all!

I've enjoyed reading "The Signs of Happiness" -- it's a great reminder! =)

Thanks so much for another great blog.


Anonymous said...

All your pictures are sure wonderful here. Love to see them so BIG. I don't even remember Clay and Rueben singing that song together. So glad I got to hear it. All the songs are wonderful. This Is The Night is one of my favorites. Then again, they all are. Lois

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