Clay Aiken 30 Rock-Here He Comes Again!!

Clay Aiken on stage and singing..just the best.

Clay Las Vegas DFF

Thanks to the wonderful fans attending concerts such as the David Foster and Friends in Las Vegas,those of us at home have a taste of the thrill of the event. The next best thing to being there.
This montage of Here You Come Again, is thanks to fans taking and sharing their clack.
Thank you PermaSwooned, Poshpenny, Scarlett, jmoranz and GrannyM!

HYCA Clay LV 2009


Answers to "Colors" puzzle from previous entry.
Thanks Sally!



Tune into NBC May 14 to see Clay on 30 Rock, it's going to be awesome!

30 Rock eyeroll



musicfan said...

Thanks for the great blog. Clay certainly was wonderful in Las Vegas Saturday night. I hope we hear more from him soon.

Thanks again for this blog.

SueReu said...

Here you come again is just about my favorite song on A Thousand Different Ways. I love Clay Aiken's take on it!! Gorgeous! and he looked and sounded wonderful at David Foster & Friends.

Thanks Ashes!!!

chel4clay said...

The song fit the montage beautifully. Great job, "looking better than a body has a right to".

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

AWESOME MONTAGE (HHCA is perfect!)......I have been having so much fun watching "clack!" Wow! What a handsome man Mr Clay Aiken is!

Clay just visited the OFC....asking us a question. Kinda Fun

Talk soon....


Anonymous said...

Clay was fantastic in Vegas the other night. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next.

Great blog. Thank you.

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for rewinding Clay Aiken's performance with "David Foster & Friends" in your amazing visuals.

Many thnx for you kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Appreciate the retweet, too!

Have an awesome week!


Anonymous said...

Hope he comes again ,singing his heart out some more!!! Enjoyed your blog ,very much! Plus, listened to video over and over....:)thanks, Donna in WI.

ImGranny said...

Great blog! Clay Aiken is the complete package. I'm so proud of him!

Barbara said...

Joan, what a wonderful montage! Perfect song and title to go along with it! Your blend is beautiful!

Let's hope Clay keeps coming and has more in store for us.It's great to see him performing live again. I've enjoyed watching clack from his Vegas performance.

Thanks for sharing!!

Love and Hugs,


Shyeyewitness said...

I've said it before and I will say it again, your blog always brings a smile. Thanks!!
Love Clay Aiken!!

hugs, shy

Anonymous said...

You're the BEST! The clack and pictures were all beautifully captured in your montage. Clay! We are so ready for your next announcement. We know it's gonna be good. Just bring it on.

Thank you so much.


gerra said...

Very nice montage.

Anonymous said...


Just stopping in for a fast peak. I'll have to come back later to listen to the song. It's my laundry day, and I keep forgetting to take it in and out. I don't want it to take all day.

Love your new blend. Lois

Sandy said...

Hi Joan,
I am at work so I am not able to see the montage. They used to ban blog sites, but have since allowed it, but they still won't let video's play that are in the blogs. That's okay, I'll listen to it when I get home. I just know that it's going to be GREAT!

So what next after 30 Rock...hope not too long of a draught! Having Clay appear with David Foster was like the icing on the cake...so unexpected! It was so great to hear his voice and see his smile once again.

Have a great day!



dee said...

It is so wonderful to see our guy happy and handsome and sounding fabulous in Vegas .

... there go all my defenses . :-)

Anonymous said...

Always a treat to visit here, thank you. The montage is wonderful, a perfect song choice, Clay Aiken certainly has me loosing my senses.

jbc4clay said...

Such a great blog! Thank you!

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