Clay Aiken with 30 Rock, David Foster & Unchained Melody


It has been an great week for Clay Aiken fans! We've seen Clay with David Foster, Clay on 30 Rock, Clay answering questions at the OFC message board and he blogged! Today has been topped off with video of the beautiful Unchained Melody with Clay and David Foster at the after concert gathering. Clay's portion of the video is posted here. enjoy!





David Foster and Clay Aiken 5/9/09 - Clay Unchained Melody Performance Only
thanks to Mr. Montage1940

Clay aiken-Unchained Melody - David Foster & Friends


Fun with billboards using: PhotoFunia

244 edited






Clay Aiken and Elvis Costello from 30 Rock
screencaps thanks to Gerwhisp


The 30Rock Kidney Charity Concert


To support the National Kidney Foundation and download the "He Needs a Kidney" song, visit the "30 Rock" page on ITunes.
Downloading the song for .99 cents profits the NKF.

ITunes "He Needs a Kidney"



This weekend Canada celebrates Victoria Day, the traditional time to get the garden in!

Victoria Day
In Canada, the celebration of Victoria Day occurs every year on Monday, prior to May 25th. It is the official celebration in Canada of the birthdays of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Victoria Day was established as a holiday in Canada West (Now Ontario) in 1845, and became a national holiday in 1901. Before Victoria Day became a national Holiday, people had celebrated Empire Day , beginning in the 1890s as Victoria approached her Diamond jubilee in 1897.
Victoria, queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and empress of India was born on 24 May 1819. She ascended the throne after the death of her uncle George IV in 1837 when she was only 18. She ruled until her death in 1901 when her son Edward the VII became king of England.






Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

OH MY GOODNESS.......That georgeous voice, how I would have loved to be there and heard UM Live!!

Your blends are WONDERFUL as always, and very creative.

It was so good seeing Clay on "30 Rock," I can't believe he could sing with such a short time after his jaw surgery....I thought it was only going to be a small speaking part. GREAT SURPRISE for me.

Have a Great Weekend....


SueReu said...

Hey Ashes!! GORGEOUS blends!!

Clay Aiken was so much fun on 30 Rock and absolutely amazing singing Unchained Melody!

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

LovesClaysVoice said...

Great blends Ashes! Love the UM video! What a voice!

Anonymous said...

Great blends, wonderful, stupendous voice of Clay Aiken on Unchained Melody.... thank you!

katy said...

I've always felt Clay Aiken sang Unchained Melody the best and this just reinforces that for me.

dee said...

That lightened video is terrific . I'm so glad it was found . I would hate to miss that version of UM .

Thank you for a beautiful blog .

ImGranny said...

Thanks for another great blog! I'm thrilled that someone was able to get video of Clay Aiken singing Unchained Melody! Clay and David Foster are both very talented!

musicfan said...

You always have the most beautiful blogs and full of interesting Clay information.

I love to visit here.

fgs said...

Love all your blends and other graphics, it's always a right click/save situation on your blog! Thanks for the great blog and the lighter version of UM. He really sounded great on that song--he still has the great voice, can't wait till we get to hear it again in concert. I have a feeling we will have to wait for an improved economy.

Anonymous said...

Nice job , really! Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bravo indeed! Thanks Joan for bringing over this beautiful rendition of UM. Despite of the discomfort that he must be experiencing still, his voice is absolutely angelic :) Way to go, Clay!
Thanks again for the blends, PhotoFunia pics and video....You're great as always...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful page, as always. Clay Aiken sings UM to perfection.

T said...

Beautiful blog! Your graphics are great and brings so much beauty in your blog. Clay's rendition of UM is awesome. Thanks so much for featuring it. Interest read on the history of Victory Day & why it is a holiday. Hope you have a great holiday and I'm enjoying it too.


Barbara said...

Joan, thanks so much for sharing the UM video with us! Clay sounds awesome! What a treat! I'm so glad that you were able to find this performance. Woohoo! I wasn't for sure we'd get to see it.

Love and Hugs,


Carolina Clay said...


What a special blog with handsome graphics of Clay Aiken and the interesting background of Canada's Victoria Day.

Thank you for your kind remarks in my OFC/Carolina entries and for retweeting my posts at Twitter. As you can imagine, the past several days have been unreal and I am way behind in returning visits. The recital is finished and the recap finally up.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


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