Clay Aiken - Are You Having Any Fun?


To pass the time until we hear new news from Clay Aiken, do you want to play some games?
How about Rock, Paper, Scissors?

rock paper scissors

That doesn't work to well in a blog, does it. Photobucket

line heart

Okay, try these new games from our puzzle friend, Bsrefong.

Sally's new Claze

Claze 1

That was fun! Here's another one.

Claze 2
line heart

Sally's Rebus 1
The first one is done for you.

Rebus 1

Thank You Sally!!


I know the first graphic pictures were taken in Fort Myers.
Do you know which SRHP tour stops the others are from??

fun in Ft Myers


SRHP2 fun


SRHP fun

line heart

Clay Aiken Classics Medley Sterling Heights
YouTube - austinclaymate

Clay Takes His Own Clack - Fort Myers

line heart

click for Rebus answers

rebus 1 ans



Did you have some fun? I hope so, everyone needs to play once in a while.




SueReu said...

I LOVED when Clay took Scarlett's camera at Ft. Meyers!!! I may need to go find that one again LOL!!!

Thanks Ashes for all the fun blog, I always enjoy my visits here

PaulaBear said...

Ashes, it's always so much fun to come over here to see what you've got on your blog! I'll bet Clay Aiken is having a lot of fun with Parker and all the wonderful people he has in his life! I'll get to your puzzles when I get back in a little later today!

LovesClaysVoice said...

Great blog Ashes! I hope Clay is having fun this summer while we wait for his return!

Carolina Clay said...


Thnx for entertaining us while we wait. Sally's mazes definitely fit the bill. Love the fun gifs, montage, and graphics, especially the one of Clay's camera work at Ft. Myers. I see the "Gerwhisp star" in another one.

Many thnx for your comments in the movie entry at the OFC and Carolina blog sites.

Have an awesome week!


CLM said...

What a fun blog Ashes. Thanks for sharing Clay Aiken memories with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a bit of fun. Clay better get telling Us some news soon...enjoy those videos! Thanks!! for keeping Us busy, we are sure waiting . Donna in Wi.

fgs said...

At least you are trying to keep us entertained! I enjoyed the Ft. Myers concert, it was a smaller venue and so much fun to watch Clay with the video camera. Hope Clay is enjoying his summer being a daddy!

bonniecarmen said...

wow, where do you come up with all these ideas??? No need to be bored when you are around - you can keep us busy for hours.

Thanks! luv B

dee said...

Your blog was full of fun but the joke was on me . I spent way too much time trying to figure out the meaning of the " sign language " at the beginning before scrolling down just a bit to see that it was ( doh ! ) rock / scissors / paper .

Anyway , the whole thing was great entertainment for a Sunday evening . And Ashes ... I really don't care which tour stop the second graphic is from . The only thing that came to my mind is this : Hey , Clay ! Nice jeans . :-)

musicfan said...

What fun!! Thank you for bringing us some fun on a hot Sunday.

I sure hope we hear from Clay soon!!

T said...

Definitely, I was having fun with your blog. Great blog! The videos made me laugh & your graphics are mesmerizing. While waiting for Clay, it's nice to have some fun!

Thanks so much and I am still laughing after watching those videos.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ashes,
So happy that you're having fun too! This is sheer therapy :) I love the Sterling Height video. He was such a teaser there! LOL! Thanks a lot.


gerra said...

What a fun blog! Thanks for the games.

Anonymous said...

This was fun! Love Sally's puzzles and great to see the videos again.

SueReu said...

Rock, Paper, Scissors makes me laugh so I came back for a second look *hee hee*

Thanks for your wonderful blog about Clay Aiken!

musicfan said...

I had to come back to check the answers to the puzzles. I used to be good at those, but I think my brain stopped working!!

Thanks again for all the fun!!

clayam said...

What a fun blog, I loved the Clay Aiken pictures videos and puzzles.

jbc4clay said...

That was fun!!
Thanks -
BTW - I did right click and saved a couple of those blends!!

Anonymous said...

The clack of Clay Aiken taking clack is one of the most fun videos from the SRHP tour. Love the graphics and videos.

PaulaBear said...

There is always so much to see here that it takes more than one visit to see it all. One of the most fun Clay Aiken blogs I've ever seen!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog! Thanks for all the work and creativity you have put into this. A pleasure to visit! And videos of Clay Aiken are the icing on the cake!!

Anonymous said...


Back for more Clay Aiken at your fun corner!

Thnx for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Hope your week is going well!


Beanblossom said...

LOL - I've been playing Mahjong between checking the boards. I can hardly wait for Mr Clay Aiken to wow us with his next adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

What a Fun Blog......You sure know how to keep us all happy while we wait for Mr Singerman.

You are so creative, I don't know how you do it......but, Thank You for all you do.


Anonymous said...


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