Clay Aiken ~ Fans Celebrate July 4


Happy July 4 to all my American friends!

Clay Aiken brought us all together, his fans from around the world via the internet.
I'm looking forward to meeting more of you at the next Clay Aiken tour get together!


Thank you Fountaindawg!


This video is a real treat to watch.
Clay Aiken ~ Capitol 4th Rewind
Thanks to Yollie950




New: Clay puzzle from Bsrefong
Thanks Sally

countries July 3

(answer to come later)





Carolina Clay said...


Awesome July 4th blog! Fountaindawg's graphic is amazing. Yours, too. Love the Capitol Fourth rewind!

Thank you for the retweets and comments. Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Ashes,

AWESOME BLOG, as always!!! Tell me that "Capitol Fourth" rewind isn't the BEST!!! Clay should sing every July 4th at the Capitol. Wonderful way to start my morning.

Your graphic's are THE BEST! Thank You for sharing ALL your talents.

Have a GREAT Day...

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing the Capital Fourth again!

Sandy said...

Hi Joan,
I know this isn't the Canada Day blog, but thought I would wish you a belated Happy Canada Day here anyways! I was actually in the states on Canada Day and enjoying our vacation. We went down to the beautiful Pocono Mountains to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary which is coming up at the end of the month. What beautiful scenery in that part of Pennsylvania!
What's that old saying - no news is good news! Let's hope this applies to our "no news" Clay! I hate the droughts!
Have a wonderful weekend!



SueReu said...

Hey Ashes!! wonderful blog!!

Love Capitol Fourth, love all the blends, just lerve it!!!

Clay Aiken ain't so bad either ;-)

Happy 4th (because the logic dictates that is July 4, 2009 even in Canada *hee hee*)

Anonymous said...

Very nice, never saw that video so made the day special seeing Clay! And sure hope he sings soon! Hope ALL are having a great 4th! Thanks! so much for the wonderful blog! Donna in WI.

fgs said...

The graphics here are always wonderful. I can't imagine the work that went into fountaindawg's USA map. It's well done. Of course the videos are wonderful, too. What a nice celebration blog.

musicfan said...

Ashes......thank you for this wonderful blog. And Happy 4th of July to everyone!!

I love the graphics and, of course, the video is great!!

Your blogs are always interest ing and well put together. Thank you for sharing with us!!

ImGranny said...

What a great blog! Clay Aiken's performance at the Capitol Fourth was amazing!

dee said...

I loved revisiting that Capitol Fourth performance . He looked so handsome in that suit and sounded spectacular . I had to grin when I noticed him tapping the toes of that big old foot a few times during the songs . I think that singing live is a great treat for him . I hope he will be able to do it again soon . You understand I am being completely unselfish and thinking of him not myself .

Lol . Yeah . Right .

T said...

Beautiful 4th of July blog! Fountaindawg & your graphics are awesome.

I've met so many wonderful Clay fans who have become good friends (mostly Americans). It's a blessing!

It's nice to watch the "Capitol Fourth" video too.

Cheers & hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ashes,
It's such a delight to be here! Never short of beautiful sights and wonderful music. LOL! Fyi, I'm writing from the internet cafe. Can't wait till I get home. Have a great 4th July and happy weekend everyone!


PaulaBear said...

Clay Aiken and the Fourth of July!!
Two things I love celebrating!!

CCOL4HIM said...

I don't know if it's your blog lay out or the new and improved Comcast I'm using, but it looks a little wider than the normal Blogger layout and it loaded better-too I have the new version of Mozilla; so something definitely changed. Not complaining, I like it.I'm just puzzled. Thanks for another wonderful blog. Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

claniac24 said...

FABULOUS blog, Ashes. Thank you so much for bringing us such beauty.

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