Clay Aiken Gala Lovin'

Today's blog features Clay Aiken graphics, a new music video recap of Clay's Champions Gala of the past weekend by SueReu , and more. Enjoy!!

Drinking From My Saucer

I’ve never made a fortune And it’s probably too late now.

But I don’t worry about that much, I’m happy anyhow.

And as I go along life’s way, I’m reaping better than I sowed.

I’m drinking from my saucer, “Cause my cup has overflowed.

I don’t have a lot of riches, And sometimes the going’s tough.

But I’ve got loved ones around me, And that makes me rich enough.

I thank God for his blessings, And the mercies he’s bestowed.

I’m drinking from my saucer, ‘Cause my cup has overflowed.

I remember times when things went wrong, My faith wore somewhat thin.

But all at once the dark clouds broke, And the sun peeped through again.

So God, helped me not to gripe About the tough rows that I’ve hoed.

I’m drinking from my saucer, ‘Cause my cup has overflowed.

If God gives me strength and courage When the way grows steep and rough, I’ll not ask for other blessings, I’m already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy To help others bear their loads.

Then I’ll keep drinking from my saucer,

‘Cause my cup has overflowed.

Thanks to luvtigr for sharing this :)

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Clay Aiken's National Inclusion Project - Champions Gala - October 17, 2009
AWESOME NEW montage by SueReu


SueReu said...

Is Clay not the most gorgeous thing ever????

Beautiful blends. Clay Aiken looked stunning at the Gala!!!!

thanks for using my video!! Although I almost threw my computer out the window a few times, I'm glad I finished it. Brought back some wonderful memories of an amazing weekend!!!

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for the memories of the National Inclusion Project's 2009 Gala. Your handsome graphics and the very special montage by SueRue tell the story of Clay Aiken, Diane Bubel, and the foundation they founded.

Many thnx for your kind comments, tweets, and retweets RE the Carolina blog.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Clay sounds and looks wonderful. Great blog thanks for the montage.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is fantastic. I really enjoyed it all. I can see you put a lot of time into all the new pictures of Clay, and SueRues' video is really wonderful. Loved it all.....one of your best.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

I just love all your blogs and this one really put a big smil on my face this evening.

SueReu's video and "Drinking From My Saucer" are wonderful......and Clay is such a cutie. I love him hugging the Spamalot Bear, Too Cute.

Hope your doing well and staying away from the nasty flu bug.


MAE said...

Ashes, the most touching blog I've ever seen!! I love all your blogs, but this takes the prize! Your pictures of Clay are amazing, "Drinking From My Saucer",
Sue's video, I'm laughing and crying! Thanks so much, just beautiful!! MAE

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog , you did a nice job! Very happy NIP did for so many . Any and all involved in any way should be so proud! Thank You for doing the blog , you sure pulled it together nicely!!Take care, Donna in WI.


Joane Thanks for updating your blog. I love the video Suerue. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful blog, I always enjoy coming here and feasting on EVERYTHING!!!

Great job!

dee said...

Another blog jammed-packed full of goodies to enjoy ! I sure wish that I could have attended the Gala but I am enjoying it vicariously because of generous Clay fans who share the details .

Thank you , Ashes .

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is a stunning, wonderful man.
Your graphics are beautiful and original.


Joan Forgot to tell you that this picture, before the video of Suereu, is really beautiful.Thanks, and Thank you for your comments on my blog.

T said...

Wow Ashes! Beautiful blends and just love all of them. Thanks so much for your creativity and amazing talent. Wonderful blog and enjoyed watching the montage. So glad that the Gala was a success and everyone who attended had a nice time. It's so good listening to Clay sing again and Moonriver is one of my favorite songs.

The poem you posted is awesome. Very inspiring and so true. I always love reading poems, quotes, etc. Appreciate you including it in your blog.

Cheers & have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

What a treat to be here to soak in all the news, lovely graphics and blends, Suerue's awesome montage and the lovely poem. A great way to start my day! Thanks alot..


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