Clay Aiken Halloween Causes for Inclusion!

It's TRICK or TREAT time for Inclusion!!
Please note the times for the daily donations below.

Happy Halloween to Clay Aiken and Family!

Trick or Treat for National Inclusion Project Oct. 30-31
w/ donation to Causes.com

The ClayNation has joined together to celebrate Halloween !!

We have the opportunity to help the National Inclusion Project.

Donate $10 per day.

3pm on Oct 29th to 2:59pm on Oct. 30 and
3pm on Oct 30th to 2:59pm on Oct 31
(all Eastern Time)

Just Click on the link for Causes , then click on Help A Cause.
Scroll to National Inclusion Project and donate.


We're In The Money!!

Because of all your support

the National Inclusion Project

has moved into the bonus money at

America's Giving Challenge.

America's giving challenge has decided to extend the $$$ they are giving to the top 12 charities - not just the top 7!!!

"National Inclusion Project" is currently in #10 spot!!

That's $10,000 if they stay there or go higher!!

Help build a camp for kids!

Please participate.
However, if you are unable to donate, help us by passing the information around
and cheering us on to success!

Clay Aiken fans are the best!

Together, We Can Make A Difference!

Incentive for Causes Treat
starring Clay Aiken

Click here to donate to Clay Aiken's National Inclusion Project:

Trick or Treat for National Inclusion Project Oct. 30-31
w/ donation to
Causes-America's Giving Challenge

Remember, the America's Giving Challenge is open until November 6, 2009 -- please donate as often as possible, and keep on recruting!

See more donation information at:

It's All About Inclusion

Clay Aiken News Network

Carolina On My Mind-CarolinaClays blog

Remember to turn your clocks back one hour when you go to bed Saturday night.
Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday @ 2 a.m.



Thanks for the reminder Trick or Treat for National Inclusion Project Oct. 30-31, beautiful graphics

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

LOL, "Save Gas Ride Your Broom," made me giggle!

Trick or Treat for National Inclusion Project, wonderful cause indeed! Let's hope we at least get enough for one camp for children. It's amazing how much OMC has done for children around the world.......He deserves so much more credit then what the media gives him.

Feel better soon Ashes.


Carolina Clay said...


Love all your additions to the Trick or Treat for Inclusion blog. Great Clay Aiken/Halloween graphics and a wonderful cause!

I hope the fans can win at least the amount to fund another "Let's All Play" camp.

Thank you for your Carolina blog visits, retweets, etc. Have a super Halloween Weekend!


PaulaBear said...

All set to get involved in Trick or Treat for Clay Aiken and his National Inclusion Project! What a great idea!!

katy said...

Love all the Halloween graphics and hoping the NIP is able to fund at least one more camp for their cause. Clay Aiken has done a wonderful job with NIP.

vitoclayadicta said...

Ashes thank you for remind us about the NIP projects. I love the pictures.



ImGranny said...

Thanks for the Trick or Treat reminder. I hope we can raise enough money and get enough donors so NIP will qualify for a donation from America's Giving Challenge.

Clay Aiken has done a wonderful job with NIP and I'm sure he will be thrilled with whatever is raised for them.

Kallie said...

This will encourage people to help the National Inclusion Project their Trick or Treaters to give other children a chance to go to camp.

Anonymous said...

Great Halloween visuals. They serve as a reminder to Trick or Treat for NIP today!

invisibleclay said...

Thanks for the reminder and Happy Halloween!

jbc4clay said...

Love your graphics!
Thanks for the reminder about the time change!

fgs said...

Nice Halloween graphics! The last one, "save gas ride your broom" made me laugh. If only we could. Hoping for the NIP to finish in the money on this charity give-away.

gerra said...

Love your blog!

Trick or Treat for National Inclusion Project is a very good cause.

Sandy said...

Wonderful graphics Ashes! Especially like the "cube". I swear that Clay is like fine wine...he only gets better with age!

This new challenge is doing great and glad to hear that we are in the top 10 and that it is being extended a couple of days! Clay fans have never let down their guard before and I don't believe they will now.

Have a great week! Looking forward to your "Remembrance Day" blog!


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