Clay Aiken A Man to Respect


Bridge Over Troubled Water
JBT Concert Vermont by Spotlightlover


quotes by Unknown

When someone is successful, it's popular to try to knock them off their pedestal. Sometimes it is justified but most times it is not. This applies to all the unwarranted attacks on any successful individual or company. Being popular makes a wonderful target for those who are jealous.

Respect for others is based on self-respect. It really is following the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It is the value that makes the world a more decent and civilized place.

You can show respect in many ways. You speak politely and don’t hurt people’s feelings by saying unkind things or making fun of them. You show good manners and care about other people. You treat others fairly and you think it is good to share.


A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. David Brinkley


A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. Hugh Downs


Always make others feel needed, important, and appreciated and they'll return the same to you. John C. Maxwell




animation by Cindilu2


Beauty & The Beast - The Real Me
by SueReu


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for more on the AI2 Rewind Final two see previous blog: Clay Aiken The "X" Factor

Clayzzle lovers--a new one from SALLYROX/Bresfong for you! CLICK and Enjoy Lyrical Clay.




redca40 said...

Ashes you have such a pretty Clay Aiken blog. I love coming here to look around and just enjoy the scenery.

Anonymous said...

Love all the eye candy.

Deb said...

Your blog is beautiful. I love coming here just for the beauty of it.
Thanks so much.
I love that video.

musicfan said...

What a beautiful place. I look forward to visiting again.

SueReu said...

This is an amazing blog ashes - thank you so much. Love all the quotes. Clay is an incredible man on an amazing journey. That journey is more than just fame or fortune - that journey is making a difference, using his voice and caring.


ps I hope you're feeling better :D

Sandy said...

What a great blog!

The Spamalot picture is the best!

Six more sleeps and I see Clay...eeeeeeeee!!!! Love him just as much as yesterday and even more tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!

Sandy :)

jbc4clay said...

Wonderful blog, Ashes!
The quotes are so true and thought provoking

Deona said...

Thank you for a wonderful collection of quotes and goodies! Love all the quotes about respect. So true.

claniac24 said...

Ashes, your blog is absolutely delicious. So very lovely. Thank you for your contribution to Clay Aiken's Clay Nation. I look forward to your blogs. Please keep them coming.

dee said...

I feel a lot of excitement seeing the picture with Clay Aiken's name on the marquee and the huge crowds in Shubert Alley . Just a few more days ! I can't wait for the reports .

Medusa said...

I love your bright, cheerful blog page. It is a fun place to visit.

Shyeyewitness said...

beautiful blog about a FABULAS guy, Clay Aiken!!

katy said...

Gorgeous blog promoting Clay Aiken. Yummy

sbleu9 said...

Clay Aiken will soon be appearing in Spam again. Excitement is in the air.

Anonymous said...

This has been an amazing journey for Clay Aiken and I'm glad we're all along on it.

Carolina Clay said...


Beautiful blog -- graphics, text, and music! Thank you for the thought and care you put into your journal.

Many thnx for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is awesome. Love all the Clay Aiken pics and video.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog. The talent in the Clay Aiken fandom continues to amaze me

sbleu9 said...

I certainly admire and resspect Clay Aiken. He walks the walk daily

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

I love visiting here....awesome graphics, love the quotes, wonderful puzzle, I just LOVE IT ALL!!!

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a great Clay Aiken blog! Thank you for all the yummies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog. Clay Aiken sounds so good, looks so good, what more could a fan ask for. The video is terrific!

Anonymous said...

You did it again! Another very entertaining blog with so much to offer. Especially love the quotes, the video and the special blend by Cindilu2. Great job!

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