Clay Aiken In The Stars


The Hubble Space photos are thanks to Bonnie.
I put them into the slide show.

The Hubble Space Telescope was first launched in 1990, the floating astro-observatory began to relay back to Earth, incredible snapshots of the "final frontier".


The heavens are filled with amazing stars.
Right here on earth we have our own shining star--Clay Aiken!


This montage will give you a smile.

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Clay Aiken
- SueRue

YouTube - Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Clay Aiken


Our star is heading back to shine on Broadway, returning to Spamalot, September 19.


The other day I made a typo in a comment, thankfully I was able to edit it.
Still, I thought it was kind of funny..I had changed my blog address to "Lay the MAN"! Yes, I blushed, tsk, tsk!



It's September already, and hopefully heading to a long, beautiful Indian Summer.
My favourite time of year.



The September Birth Flower is the Aster.

The meaning of the September Birth Flower, the Aster is Love, Faith, Wisdom and symbolizes Valour

Sign of the Zodiac and Dates:
Virgo - August 24 - September 22

September Birthstone: The Sapphire

Characteristics of Virgo :
Orderly, Modest, Diligent, Analytical & Self-sufficient


We Virgo's like working puzzles too, here's a new one from

W9 Baby First Word


Clay Gallery is a fun new and different message board. It's geared so all Clay fans can post their photo, artwork, blog links, puzzles, etc. We can each have our own thread in each forum for our updates, and comments. Kewl!
An advantage is those of use who enjoy supporting Clay by visiting have a one stop centre for updates etc., a great place to start your Clay internet travels!





Deb said...

I love checking out all the neat things you have on your blog.

Thanks so much

claniac24 said...

Another spectacular blog, ashes. I LOVE coming to your site. Just WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

Fall is my favorite season and Clay Aiken is my favorite singer. Great blog once again!


Anonymous said...

Loved the baby search...in honor of Clay Aiken's little Parker???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pictures and the You Tube of Clay Aiken--so much fun!

Anonymous said...

You always have one of the best Clay Aiken blogs around. Love the montage--fits right into the theme.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

I love SueRue's montage, I have not seen it...AWESOME!!
Copied the "new" puzzle.....and of course your blends are the BEST!!

Big Hugs,

Carolina Clay said...


Many thnx for an "out of this world" blog, including the Hubble space photos and your handsome graphics of Clay Aiken.

Always enjoy Sally's puzzles. Thnx for another great entry!


redca40 said...

I enjoyed the montage and blog you have on Clay Aiken.

SueReu said...

I always love coming here - it's such a visual TREAT!!! Clay Aiken's a great subject :)

and I'm glad people enjoyed the montage too!!!

I love your hubble graphic. I made one, but cannot figure out how to post it :(

The new Clay Gallery site on yuku is wonderful too! I've posted a few things (see note up top about hubble graphic)

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