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"Listen for the voice of your own true heart. It's the one cheering, 'you can do it!' while loving you all the way to your goals."

Rachel Stanton

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What's that I hear? What does the theme from the West Wing have to do with this entry??
Could it be leading up to a one of Clay's ventures in a montage from SueReu?



Red Carpet for opening of Broadway's A Tale of Two Cities-18/09/08


191 SD lip bite

Spamalot stage door photos by Claymelia & Toni7babe


Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Live Auction was held Sunday in the Shurbert alley. Clay's Spamalot Package sold for a top bid of $10,000!!



This year's grand auction which featured longtime BC/EFA auctioneer Lorna Kelly and Broadway actor John Bolton (Curtains) featured 58 "lots" which raised $173,000. The top-selling lot was a pair of house seats to Spamalot and a backstage tour hosted by "American Idol" finalist Clay Aiken (which fetched $10,000), a walk-on role in the hit musical Wicked ($8,500), and a walk-on role in the international hit musical Mamma Mia! ($6,250).

Great photos here at Broadway.com be sure to click through all 9 of them!

All Hail Sir Robin as Clay Aiken Returns to Spamalot!


CLICK for A new puzzle from SALLYROX/Bresfrong--Thanks Sally!

Clay Aiken SRHP Concert Venture - TV Medley 2007
Thank You SueReu
This is what the lead in audio leads to :)

YouTube link to TV Medley by SueReu

Clay is always busy on his ventures, this slideshow has a few of them.

"There's probably no better way to change the world and promote peace than to improve the lives of children." Clay Aiken

clickable wallpaper of my first blend




redca40 said...

You always have the coolest blends and pictures on your blog of Clay Aiken. The winner of the Spamalot back stage visit is one lucky person!

jbc4clay said...

I love your site!

Anonymous said...

Love all the updated news here. The pictures are a BIG plus too.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see that Clay Aiken's package was the highest bid!


Traveler on Life's Path said...

Clay Aiken is sure celebrated in a big way on your blog! Great job!

gerra said...

Love the blends. It[s great that the auction did so well. I sure was on the edge of my seat waiting for Clay's lot to come up.

Carolina Clay said...


Great round-up of the weekend's events and beautiful blends to boot. (RIGHT-CLICK-SAVE!)

Thank you for your kind remarks in the new Spamalot blog at my corner.

Kudos on the Google listing! Have a super week!


Martigyrl said...

What a sweet looking blog to wake up to, this morning. I love the top picture you did.
That was quite an exciting auction yesterday to be able to watch it online too. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for yet another beautiful blog. I love the goldlocket so much...if only I can get hold of one. Awwww.. The Spam blend is cool too. Kudos to you!


dee said...

Your blog is a fiesta of Clay Aiken Goodness . Love the Spam wallpaper . Do you have a wide screen version ?

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