Clay Aiken Picturesque Music

Clay Aiken's music is picturesque.
He sings and his voice tells a story with every song.
Like a good writer of words in a book that can take me to another place or time, so does listening to Clay sing.

He has the "IT" that warms hearts.


The human heart,
At whatever age,
Opens to the heart that
Opens in return.

Maria Edgeworth


Everything I Have
song by Clay Aiken
new montage by Ashes

Everything I Have


Thanks for showing me that
Even on the darkest, rainiest days
The sun is still there,
Just behind the clouds,
Waiting to shine again.

Albert Schweitzer


NEW! Clay puzzle from Bsrefong~Sally
"Man Of Character"

P25 ManOfCharacter Apr 13


April 21, Clay received the Equality Circle Award for his commitment to loving families of all kinds, taking a stand, and sharing his journey to parenthood proudly. Family Equality Council is proud to honor Clay for all of his work on behalf of children and for all that he does to make the world a safer place for his own child and the children of LGBT parents everywhere.


Did Anyone Ever Tell You
Just How Special You Are.
The Light that You Emit
Might even Light a Star

Did Anyone Ever Tell You
How Important You Make Others Feel.
Somebody out here is Smiling,
Because of something you said or something you did!



Thank you, your visits and comments mean a lot :)



SueReu said...

Oh my Ashes, that montage is stunning. Gorgeous song, gorgeous blends, just absolutely awesome. now THAT'S a singer. Perfection.

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Your montage "took me to another place," It is wonderful!!

Albert Schweitzer's quote is great, I must remember it on rainy, cloudy days.

Oh course, I always love Sally's Puzzles.

Thank You for shareing your talents....

Hugs, Marlyne

fgs said...

Wonderful montage, beautiful pictures, blends, and artwork to go with the song sung beautifully by Clay Aiken in a way no one else sing.

Anonymous said...

You're right. I have been forgetting to come here. Some days I'm just so short on time. The truth is, I've been enjoying some good books when I have any free time. Your montage really fits Clay's song. Lois

Anonymous said...

That's the first time I ever had my comment take the first time I posted it. I always have to post it twice. Wonder if anyone else has that problem? I'll see if this one takes right away.

Hugs, Lois

Carolina Clay said...


Wonderful montage and graphics! "Everything I Have" is one of my favorite Clay Aiken songs, and I always enjoy Sally's puzzles.

Have an awesome week!


dee said...

I love that song . Thanks for spotlighting our IT man in such a lovely way .

katy said...

I've really enjoyed this blog. Wonderful man, wonderful songs.

Anonymous said...

Love the montage and the song.

jbc4clay said...

Your blog is always so enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! Thanks!

PaulaBear said...

I love visiting your Clay blogs! They are always so visually stunning!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog...thank you!!

Rhode Island Fan said...


One of my favorite Clay songs.

Thank you!

Shyeyewitness said...

BIG smile here!!! Beautiful!!

gerra said...

I love the title of this blog. Clay really does paint a picture with his music, bringing more feeling to a song than anyone I have ever enjoyed listening to.

Thanks for the wonderful montage and the puzzle!

Luv It Here said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Just gorgeous. Thanks!

ImGranny said...

What a wonderful blog and a great tribute to Clay Aiken. Thank you!

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for your kind comments in -- and retweets for -- the Carolina blog! Have an awesome weekend!


P.S. It was neat scrolling through this entry again!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting!!

katy said...

Great blog and enjoy Clay Aiken and his news.

PaulaBear said...

This is the most serene Clay Aiken blog that I visit. It feels so peaceful here!!

anaturegirl said...

Reliving Clay Aiken's When I See You Smile from his 2007 tour brings a smile to MY face. So many good things were about to happen to Clay following that fantastic tour.

anaturegirl said...

Loved reliving Clay Aiken's "When I see You Smile" from his 2007 tour. Many good things were about to happen to Clay after this sucessful tour. I love his smile because it makes me smile to see how happy he is when he performs.

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