April for Daffodils


Every April, the Canadian Cancer Society joins with thousands of volunteers from across the country to raise funds and awareness about cancer during Daffodil Month.

Canadian Cancer Society-Daffodil Days

Most of us have family or friends or personal knowledge with the battle against Cancer. This blog is a tribute to my dear Aunt. She left this earth on her birthday in April some ten years ago. This was before we knew Clay Aiken, but I know she would have loved him as I do, as we were so alike it was uncanny! Everyone has a special person they look up to and learn valuable life lessons from, my Aunt E was that person for me. She will always be with me in my thoughts and heart.

"Thanks for showing me that
Even on the darkest, rainiest days
The sun is still there,
Just behind the clouds,
Waiting to shine again."

~Lisa Harlow~

Progress is being made in finding a cure, and the simple act of buying a bunch of daffodils for the foundation is a way of helping. I've bought my daffodils this week, and will get more before the month is out.


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Bridge Over Troubled Water, as sung by Clay Aiken, reached my heart in 2003 and helped me through a bad time; to this day when I need a boost, I play the song and it never fails to push away the clouds.






Three Things - I hope you will watch this lovely montage..it's not mine :)

Three Things Montage



Photobucket Photobucket

preview for America's Next Top Model - April 8
Check your TV listings! I get ANTM on 4 different stations, on Wednesdays & Thursdays and Friday.
What's better than Clay Aiken and Tyra Banks together again!!




SueReu said...

Ashes, thank you for the lovely blog! Bridge Over Troubled Waters has always been one of my favorite songs and I absolutely adore Clay's version. I loved the Three Things montage, thank you for sharing.

and I am SO EXCITED for Clay to be on ANTM!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!

have a wonderful weekend :)

Barbara said...

Joan, BOTW is one of my favorites! I'll never forget his Clay's AI performance and when he sang the song at the JBT, dedicating it to all of the people who were sitting on the lawn out in the rain.

The people who were not under cover were enjoying Clay so much, they just sat through the lightning, thunder, and rain. He seemed to feel bad that they had to sit out there.

I think it's neat idea that buying daffodils is a way of helping with cancer awareness month in Canada.

Thanks for sharing this special and touching blog!

Love and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Ashes , You sure did a nice job. Love the flowers , one of my favorite things in life! I enjoyed it ALL! Thanks ! Donna in WI.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Wow! What a awesome blog. "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" is one of my favorites. Like you, if I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is play BOTW or "When I See You Smile" and it gives me a big boost.

"Three Things" is WONDERFUL!!! All So True!!! Thank You for sharing.

What a beautiful tribute to your "Aunt E." Daffodils for Cancer, what a great idea.

Have a great weekend.


bonniecarmen said...

Today, finally, a taste of spring. The coldest month of March on record here in Victoria...global warming you say?? So the daffodils and the great reminders were beautiful...We all need to be thankful for every day.
luv B

dee said...

A very inspiring blog and a lovely tribute to your aunt .

{{{ Hugs }}}

Carolina Clay said...


Lovely blog and a very special tribute to your aunt! Thnx for sharing your artistic talent with us in your blog.

Have an awesome weekend!


T said...

Appreciate you featuring the Canadian Cancer awareness in your blog because we do it at our workplace. Our company donates to the Cancer Society and each employees are given daffodils. A very inspiring reminder! I was deeply touched with your special tribute to your aunt & know that she's proud of you.

Your beautiful graphics are always a delight to look at and so glad that you share your amazing talent in your blogs.

Thanks so much for another uplifting blog. Cheers!

gerra said...

Beautiful blog, as always. I loved opening this blog and hearing Clay Aiken's beautiful voice. I cannot wait to see him on ANTM.

hosaa said...

Ashes, the daffodils are beautiful, not just in themselves, but as symbols of the joy that others bring to our lives. What a lovely tribute to your aunt.


Sandy said...

Your aunt would be so proud of you to give tribute to her in this beautiful blog.

We are struggling at work with the news of two of our co-workers who discovered they have cancer and are now battling survival. So much work has been done but there is still so much to do! Thanks to all the volunteers who do so much to bring awareness to this horrific disease.

Looking forward to ANTM this Wednesday! From the short snippets we've seen, we should be in for real treat!

Have a great week Joan!


Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ashes,
Awww it is really neat that the Canadian Cancer Society has dedicated April to raise awareness and the much needed funds for research and treatment of cancer patients. Thanks for featuring it. Love BOTW and how he looked while he sang that song in AI2. Thanks for the beautiful blog. You're the BEST!


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