Messin' Up My Senses!


Clay Aiken--How can anyone not love this amazing young man!
We that do are so lucky :)
I knew I was missing Clay, but didn't know how much until seeing and reading all about the GLAAD Awards Saturday night.

It was wonderful to have him in the spotlight again, I'm enjoying the new clack, but I want to see and hear him on stage more than ever!

One of my favourite things about preparing a blog is choosing the music that I feel compliments the theme of the blends.
Mind you it can take me days to finally make a choice since every song I play of Clay's is so awesome.
Then of course, if I want a video to go with the theme, there's all those YouTubes to go through.

One would think I've seen every Clay video there by now, but I'm always finding something new, or else I don't remember it. That's a benefit of a short memory, next week everything is new again, LOL.

Today I'm going with a JBT favourite, I Can't Help Falling in Love With You from the Elvis medley, track by Aflack, for the opening song.
SueReu's Here Ya Come Again montage with clips from SRHP performances is the video.
Thank you ladies!




Thanks to bigappleforclay for the photo of Clay.






Clay Aiken - Here Ya Come Again
montage by SueReu

Clay Aiken - Here Ya Come Again


Here are the answers to Sally's last puzzle..thanks again.

P24 quotes ANSWers


Here You Come Again is one of the songs Clay chose for The Very Best of Clay Aiken

~ gerwhisp~


So much of our journey is learning about and removing barriers.
~Melody Beattie~

Thank you everyone for your visits and comments!



Carolina Clay said...


Handsome graphics of a very special man, Clay Aiken, on a very special occasion, the GLAAD Media Awards of this past weekend! The montages provide a perfect accompaniment.

Thank you for your kind comment in the new Carolina blog. Have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

You are so good at putting together a beautiful blog. The pictures are great and the music well we know how wonderful that is. Clay has to come back and sing for all of us very soon! Thanks and love Joyce

Anonymous said...

You are so good at putting together a beautiful blog. The pictures are great and the music well we know how wonderful that is. Clay has to come back and sing for all of us very soon! Thanks and love Joyce

Sandy said...

Hi Joan,
Stopping by to say hello and to tell you what a wonderful blog this is. I'm looking at these pictures of Clay taken at the GLADD awards and this is what I see:

At peace with himself!
The most handsome man on the earth!

There are so many attributes for this man! These are just a few of them. I love being a fan of Clay Aiken!


musicfan said...

what a lovely blog. I love the pictures. You have made a handsome man look even better.

I do hope we hear Clay song soon.

Thank you for this wonderful blog. It made me smile.

SueReu said...

Hey Ashes! Thanks!! I forgot all about that montage (and I made it LOL!!!!)

Absolutely GORGEOUS blends (but then the subject matter is perfection).

((( hugs ))) and have a wonderful week!

Shyeyewitness said...

A smile on my face, once again!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

What a GREAT BLOG, as always, you just always know how to put a BIG SMILE on my face. Your new blends are AWESOME!!!! Seeing your blends, and hearing the music here on you blog....just make me want a concert SOON!!!! lol

What a great weekend for for Clay and Tyra....How Proud I am to be a Clay Aiken Fan!

Thank You again for sharing your talents.....


claniac24 said...

Ashes, you did it again! Beautiful blog, gorgeous pics. Thanks so much for all you do to beautify Clay Nation. Muah!

deyabird said...

That Tyra Banks is a pretty special person. I can see why she and Clay are such good friends.

Thanks for your beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog, Ashes! Thank you so much!
I'm always looking forward to see your blog.
Nice choice of music for your new blends.


Anonymous said...

Love you lots for all these beautiful blends you always managed to create. Thanks for adding colors to my daily dose of Clay. A must have!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't wait to get over here to look at your wonderful blends, enlarged. I'm getting really desparate to hear him sing somewhere, anywhere again. I can't stand that there's no talk of a tour. I know you feel the same.

Hugs, Lois

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on some emails and wanted to say THANKS!
I'm a bit behind but I'm getting there lol
Love the blends & music!!!
You background is so pretty too :)
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Nice job, enjoyed your blog! Clay can sing to Us anytime...thanks for sharing, it's pretty and nice!...Donna in WI.

Barbara said...

Joan, what a beautiful blog!

How nice is is to hear Clay singing ICHFILWY once again from the JBT! Special memories are also brought back seeing the video of him singing that ever so famous Dolly Parton song HYCA.

Thanks for sharing with us! You are certainly an asset to the OFC!

Love and Hugs,


bonniecarmen said...

Handsome indeed! Oh, to have a complexion like that! Love the Melodie Beattie quote - haven't thought of her in a long time. In case you didn't know, she wrote the first books out on co-dependence. Your blogs bring joy to so many. Thanks. luv B

Allegra said...

You always have the prettiest blogs. Of course, you have a verra purdy subject. *g*

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