Name This Tune!


Clay Aiken sang this song on TV. How fast can you name that tune? What performance is this from? A hint: at least one of the picture blends here is from there.

CLICK the arrow to hear the song.


227 Photobucket

227 Photobucket





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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer


I was one who thudded big time when this was on. I'd experienced minor Clay thuds before that..but that look shot right through my TV and literally knocked me down! I was standing and thankfully the couch was behind me cuz I don't remember sitting down.
My friend was here getting her hair done, I left the comb in her hair..drawn to the TV and totally blocked her out. She still teases me that she had to ask three times if I was okay, LOL.



Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love hearing that song!! Beautiful!! One of my very favorites from the one and only Clay Aiken! Thank you!

katy said...

Lovve your blog and this is a fun game!! Anytime Clay Aiken is involved, it's great!

musicfan said...

I love this site and the game is fun.

Shyeyewitness said...

To Love Somebody... gosh I love the memories!!

PaulaBear said...

To Love Somebody!! One of my favorite Clay moments on AI. And when he looks in the camera at the end and sings "the way I love you" ... bet every woman in America thought that was just for them!!

tnmtmama said...

What fun it is to hear the songs from Clay's run on AI. No one does it better!

dee said...

To Love Somebody . I love that performance . That well may have been the night my interest and appreciation for his talent turned to long lasting love !

And yeah ... what PaulaBear said . :-)

ncgran4clay said...

To Love Somwbody!! One of my favs from Clay!!

Barbara said...

Okay, I know this song! It's "To Love Somebody. Clay performed it on AI2. Can't remember what week, but I loved this performance; Thanks for sharing another great memory!

I'm looking forward to March 31. It's just a few weeks away. Woohoo! Love your calendar reminder!

Love and Hugs,


Sandy said...

Loved this song!

March 31 then America's Next Top Model...only dates missing now are the tour dates!

Have a great week!


Sandy :)

bonniecarmen said...

goose bumps! Yep goose bumps to go with those cinnamon buns! Awesome job Ashes! luv B

Carolina Clay said...


Wonderful blog. Apparently all your readers know the song, LOL! I think the first graphic is one of your best.

Thank you for your kind comment in the Carolina-Duke blog. Not my usual topic but definitely one dear to my heart.

Have an awesome week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

"To Love Somebody" sung on American Idol #2

Yummy, just like the Hot Cross Buns and Tea...Thanks for more wonderful memories, your THE BEST!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Joan. I was way off on the song. I loved the way he looked on Idol. I love to rewatch him singing those songs. I never get enough of the very young Clay. What a cutie. Hugs, Lois

T said...

How could I forget - "To Love Somebody". One of the best AI2 performance of Clay. That was fun and also, you sharing your experience with your friend.

Your graphics are so captivating & can't stop looking at them. Great work Joan!

ashleysgram said...

Clay captured my heart forever when he sang this song on AI2.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog , Ashes.
You are one talented person ! The pics are so
enjoyable and so nice!
Great job!!!!!!!!!!!
A Clay music fan, Donna

Anonymous said...

Hi Melody,
Loved, that song aand still do. Wow, that was some memory you gave us. Thanks a million. Your graphics are super. What program do you use? The pictures of Clay are so clear even when enlarged. Wish I could do that.
Aloha, Betty Jean

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful memories. Since AI2, I've not listen to any other singer. There wasn't a need to. Clay songs are more than sufficient to keep me happy. Oh yes! I love the confident Clay you featured in your blends. He's gorgeous beyond words. Thanks a million Pal :)


katy said...

To Love Somebody has always been one of my top favorite songs that Clay has sung!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great site and I also love that song and performance as well as Simon saying it was the best ever on idol.

CCOL4HIM said...

To Love Somebody is the song. I didn't remember Clay singing this one. One of my favorites from Idol that he sang was
"Build me up Buttercup".

CCOL4HIM said...

To Love Somebody. I don't remember Clay singing that on Idol, but I watched toward the end of season 2(but Clack has caught me up on most of Clay's performances. One of my favorites from idol is Build Me Up Buttercup. Take care & God bless.
Love always, Cynthia

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