Clay Aiken The WILD CARD

Weight of the World - Clay Aiken
clip from On My Way Here

American Idol Wild Card of 2003 gave the public the chance to bring back Clay Aiken to the show.
The voters couldn't have made a better choice..Clay is the best, as he has been showing us for the past six years--and he's only just begun!


Thank you BettyJean for this beautiful blend
of The Very Best of Clay Aiken!


The Very Best of Clay Aiken at Amazon.com
pre-order here--for release March 31/09.

Amazon Canada

The Very Best of Clay Aiken at Amazon.ca
pre-order here--for release March 31/09.




photos: Tasapio


photo: PermaSwooned


Bsrefong's TBAF puzzle answers

click thumbnail twice:


Awesome Videos

An American Idol wild card
by luvgreatmusic

An American Idol wild card

New CD The Very Best of Clay Aiken 2009
by Yollie950

New CD The Very Best of Clay Aiken 2009





Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

How true, Clay Aiken sure is the BEST wild card. I had to stop and take a quick peek at your blog this morning. Your music and blends are the BEST way to start a morning. I will be back later to check out the videos.

Till later.....Have a GREAT day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashes :) Really love this place. Lots of beautiful things to see and listen to. You never fail to deliver....Videos, blends, songs, graphics and updates on my favorite man. Yay!!!
Love from...
your grateful fan and friend,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you tell me when you have a new blog up. I wouldn't have checked out the fan site this morning, otherwise.
Those are great pics of Clay, and I love the video of Clay's Idol songs. I never can get enough of him.

Love, Lois

Carolina Clay said...


Thnx for a wonderful blog on the TVBOCA CD and the Wildcard Shows of AI2 and AI8. Always an enjoyable site to visit!

Thank you, too, for your kind comments and tweets about the Carolina blog. Have a super day!


bonniecarmen said...

WOW, WHAT A JOURNEY! Thanks for the morning pep rally! Have a super day.

katy said...

Wonderful blog again. Love WOW and am going to love The Very Best of Clay Aiken cd, too.

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is the best of the best!
Can't wait to hear the remastered songs on his upcoming CD on the 31st.

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing the AI videos, along with the breathtaking blends! It's always a special treat to visit your place.

I'm so happy and thankful there was a wild card show when Clay was on AI. Glad they brought it back this year. Of course, Clay will always my favorite wild card pick!

Love and Hugs,


SueReu said...

Hey ashes!!! GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS!!!!

Great blends, great videos, GREAT blog!!!


copingincalifornia said...

Always enjoy your blog and the photos are just GAH!!!! Mr. Clay Aiken - thud worthy!!

Shyeyewitness said...

I just start smiling, when I come to your blog!!!

dee said...

I can remember a moment at the end of AI2 when I wondered if I would ever see Clay Aiken again . Yet here we are with years of wonderful memories thanks to our handsome , talented Wild Card .
Cheers to whatever he has planned next ! I'm ready and waiting .

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's taken me soooo long to get over here but life's been hectic as usual!

Believe it or not, I haven't even renewed yet! Don't worry, I will soon :)

LOVE love LOVE the videos. Boy, I never get tired of watching all those great AI memories and now I'm looking forward to whatever comes next!

The blends are beautiful as always!

Have a great weekend,
Lisa ♥

Anonymous said...

always a joy to visit here

PaulaBear said...

"The Very Best of Clay Aiken" I love the sound of that, as much as I love the sound of his voice!

T said...

Your blog always cheer me up and another fantastic one here. All the graphics are gorgeous especially the second one. It's always nice watching the montages. Love all the song choices in the CD and looking forward to it.

Thanks again for all the special treats in your blog. Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

Love stopping in to see what you have that is new. Keep on going!

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