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"There are people who take the heart out of you, and there are people who put it back."
~Elizabeth David~

Clay sings "As Long As We're Here"

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(The following is not written by me, it's taken from a book a dear friend sent to me.
We met through the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club. Thank you "M".)

Some people just have a way of giving us a much needed lift. They make our lives brighter or our hearts lighter--but we don't always get the chance to tell them how we feel.

No matter where you are, or what you do, someone helps you get there. Somewhere along the line are the people who step up to the plate for you, or believe in your dream, or dig down deep in their pockets, or come up with a bright idea.

Someone shows up when the chips are down, or sticks around when everyone else has gone home, or meets an impossible deadline, or gives you a pat on the back when you deserve it, or a gentle nudge when you don't.

Someone keeps the lamp of friendship lit, or the home fires burning, or lends you an ear, or writes the eulogy, or brings the casserole, or make you laugh until your sides ache, or tells you they care and mean it.

Sometimes words fail us and we're not quite sure what to say, but here's a start.
From the heart...Thank You!


THANK YOU Clay Aiken for all you have given me this past 6 years, the motivation, inspiration and all the wonderful people I have met from around the world!
I am looking forward to the years ahead, to enjoy your entertainment and meet more of my new friends in person!




Answers for the AYSTAFG puzzle:

P23 Answers


EXTRA! Sally ~ Bsrefong sent this new puzzle just this morning. It is perfect for this blog--enjoy!
Thank you Sally :)

P24 Quotes Mar26






anaturegirl said...

I love coming on your Blog and here Clay Aiken's beautiful voice.

Carolina Clay said...


Awesome! Love the quotes from your friend's book, your graphics, the reminder that TVBOCA is just days away, Sally's puzzle, etc. Your blogs always entertain and never cease to amaze!

Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. Have a great weekend!


fgs said...

Beautiful blog and loved the opening paragraph because it is true. Clay Aiken fits the description perfectly. Beautiful graphics as usual.

Love the song, As Long As We're Here. It could be interpreted in many ways.

bonniecarmen said...

whoohoo...found it before you told me! You are so right about finding special people around the world. You can add yourself to that list!! Thank you Clay for bringing us together. luv B

SueReu said...

Ashes, as always - BRAVO!!! LOVE YOUR BLEND!!!!

((( HUGS ))) thank you!!!!

gerra said...

You always have such a beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your friendship. The care, encouragement and guidance which you have given me will always be treasured! Can't wait to see you, Caro and all the lovely friends that I've made through the last 15months. Clay....please tour and give us a very good reason to travel across the globe to celebrate the much anticipated encounter of the BEST kind!
Thank you for the cool and pretty blog.


gaymarie said...

Awww, Ashes... what a beautiful blog you have! I enjoyed it very much!

Thank you!

gaymarie said...

Awww Ashes... what a beautiful blog. What a pleasure...

I love Clay Aiken!

Thank you!

dee said...

It's always a good day when there is a new blog by Ashes !

Have a happy weekend .

chel4clay said...

I think this is my first visit here, great blog and beautiful song to listen to as you read.
Thank you

PaulaBear said...

Ashes...you do such a great job with your blog.
Wish Clay Aiken could see for himself....or maybe he has!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog about Clay Aiken. Love the song and the blend.

Barbara said...

Joan, I love coming here to visit you! It's great to come in and and be welcomed by Clay's beautiful voice and see all of your pretties! Sure makes me smile every time.

Thanks for sharing your talents and for warming our hearts with your beautiful blogs!

Love and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashes,

Another BEAUTIFUL Blog, with BEAUTIFUL music to listen to while being mesmerizing over your blends. You just always put a big smile on my face......

Hope you are keeping warm up there in cold country.


Anonymous said...

Hello Claysmelody (ashes):

I loved your new blog. Hear Clay in one of my favorites songs uhhhh. Your blog is beautiful. Thank you very much.

Lot's of kisses


T said...

Another great blog here. Very nice intro song. The quote from your friend is very touching and true. It's amazing how we have met so many wonderful people in just being Clay fans. What a blessing!

Your blends are always a special treat in your blog. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

Cheers to you!

Chardonnay said...

I love whoever wrote that!

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